Cisco training that’ll advance your career.

If you’re a network admin, Cisco training will be required in your career. Along with CCNA online training, CBT Nuggets offers training for the most sought-after Cisco certifications and skills.

Online Cisco Training for Beginners

Cisco courses can get you the skills you need to break into the networking field. In fact, many successful networking careers begin with associate Cisco certifications like the CCNA. Cisco certifications aren’t just for aspiring network engineers. From support techs to cybersecurity professionals, anyone looking to build a career in IT can benefit from Cisco training courses.

Cisco Certifications for Beginners

Learning networking requires a mix of hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge. Cisco courses are a great way to validate you have these skills and knowledge. You can do it all online — virtual labs and online Cisco training make it possible to learn networking remotely.

Learn Networking with Cisco Courses

Online Cisco training is great for IT pros who want to earn certifications. But you don’t need to be pursuing a Cisco certification to benefit from online Cisco courses. Networking is a fundamental part of IT, and these courses can help you build real-world skills quickly and efficiently.

Cisco Training for Network Professionals

Cisco certifications are the gold standard in networking. The right Cisco courses can help elevate your career — or your team — to the next level. For example, Cisco certifications like the CCNA can help you move from the help desk to a network administrator role. From basic troubleshooting to advanced network design, these Cisco training courses can help you gain the skills needed to take the next step in your networking journey.

Cisco Training for Network Administrators

Cisco certifications are one of the best ways for network administrators to validate their skills. Online Cisco training can not only help network administrators pass their next Cisco exam, but also develop the real-world skills needed to manage, monitor and troubleshoot modern computer networks.

Cisco Training for NOC Analysts

NOC analysts are responsible for the day-to-day operations of modern networks. Online Cisco training helps NOC analysts become skilled with the tools and technologies used across the networks they’re responsible for. Cisco certifications like the CCNA help IT pros demonstrate they have the in-demand skills NOC analysts need.

Cisco Training for Network Engineers

Network engineers are the experts responsible for complex network configuration, management, and troubleshooting. Cisco training helps aspiring network engineers build the skills needed for the job. With advanced Cisco certifications like the CCIE, you can validate your expert-level networking skills and knowledge.

Cisco Training for Network Architects

Cisco certifications like the CCDE were the gold standard for validating network architecture skills. But after Cisco revamped their certifications in 2020, the 300-420 ENSLD exam became the new standard. By taking this online Cisco training, network architects can gain the credentials needed to demonstrate their expert-level network design knowledge.

Learn Cisco IOS with CBT Nuggets Training Videos

Navigating the Cisco IOS is one of the most important basic skills for network pros. These online cisco training courses can help you gain that skill. With these Cisco IOS training videos, you can quickly learn how to use the CLI of Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls like a pro.

Cisco Training for Network Security

Cisco certifications cover everything security pros need to know about networking and security at a professional level. Cisco training allows network security pros to develop the skills needed to harden and protect network infrastructure. These Cisco courses build foundational network security skills and validate the expert-level knowledge needed to pass advanced Cisco certifications.

Cisco Training for Network Security Engineers

Hardening networks is top priority for modern enterprises. Cisco certifications like the CCNP Security help network security engineers validate the knowledge and skills needed for the job. This online Cisco training focuses on the skills you need to implement and manage popular Cisco security solutions.

Learn Cisco Firepower with CBT Nuggets Training Videos

Cisco Firepower security appliances help businesses harden and protect their production networks. These online Cisco training courses help you learn the key aspects of Firepower configuration and management. With these Cisco Firepower training videos, security pros can gain a practical set of skills in a short time.

Cisco Training for Collaboration Engineers

The increase in the number of people working remotely makes collaboration platforms more important than ever. The right Cisco training and Cisco certifications can help IT pros become experts in the technologies that make enterprise collaboration possible. Cisco courses can help current collaboration engineers earn in-demand Cisco certifications like the CCNP or CCIE. Training focused on specific skills and platforms such as WebEx APIs or Unified Communications Manager enable you to quickly learn practical collaboration skills online.

Learn CUCM with CBT Nuggets Training Videos

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) is an industry-leading platform for enterprise communication and collaboration. These Cisco CUCM training videos can help you learn skills and concepts related to modern messaging, voice and video calls, and collaboration technologies. With CUCM online Cisco training, you can learn job-relevant CUCM skills.

Cisco Training for DevOps

Cisco certifications like DevNet demonstrate the networking industry’s shift toward automation and programmability. These Cisco courses help IT pros build and validate skills related to the intersection of automation and networking. Cisco training and Cisco certifications related to APIs, network programmability, Python, and automation enable DevOps professionals to build or validate the skills needed to work with modern network infrastructure.

Cisco Training for DevOps Engineers

Cisco certifications like DevNet Associate and DevNet professional help DevOps engineers validate skills related to network infrastructure. Online Cisco training on concepts like programmability, Python, and APIs can help DevOps Engineers apply their skills to network infrastructure.

Cisco Training for Data Centers

Cisco training focused on data center solutions can help data center engineers better design, manage, and troubleshoot modern data center infrastructure. Cisco certifications help IT pros validate their networking skills in modern data centers. Additionally, Cisco courses covering data center design can help you learn best practices related to modern data center architecture. From skill-based training to Cisco certifications that can jumpstart your data center career, these online training courses can help.

Cisco Training for Data Center Engineers

Products like UCS and ACI are some of the most important pieces of data center infrastructure. Cisco certifications like the CCNP Data Center help engineers validate the skills they have with those products. Additionally, online Cisco training can help data center engineers learn skills they can apply on the job.

Learn Cisco ACI with CBT Nuggets Training Courses

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure is one of the most popular software-defined approaches to network infrastructure. Cisco ACI training videos help data center pros learn the concepts and skills needed to leverage ACI effectively. With these online Cisco training courses, you can learn the latest in virtualization and automation.

Learn Cisco UCS with CBT Nuggets Training Online

Unified Computing System (UCS) helps enterprises simplify, automate, and scale modern IT infrastructure. With these Cisco UCS training videos, you can learn the skills needed to effectively implement and manage UCS. Online Cisco training can help IT pros develop practical UCS skills quickly.

Who Else Needs Networking Training?

Networking skills are fundamental to all aspects of IT. That means Cisco certifications such as the CCNA and CCNP are in high demand. Cisco network training can get you up to speed with what you need to know to acquire networking skills and certifications. Similarly, Cisco certifications like DevNet offer an educational bridge between networking and DevOps professionals. Cisco courses focused on automation and programmability can help you better understand the world of DevOps.

Cisco Training for Support Engineers

Whether you support applications, products, or end users, an understanding of network fundamentals is important. Online Cisco training helps build the skills needed to troubleshoot and diagnose complex support issues. Additionally, Cisco certifications help support engineers validate the skills needed for Level 3 support and beyond.

Learn Meraki with CBT Nuggets Training Videos

These Cisco Meraki training videos help IT pros build the skills needed to manage, configure, and troubleshoot Meraki infrastructure. Using these Meraki online Cisco training courses enable you to become well-versed in one of the most popular WiFi, network, and routing platforms for SMBs.

All Cisco Training from CBT Nuggets

Cisco training from CBT Nuggets is divided into certification courses and skills. Cisco certification training provides a thorough, structured path that’ll prepare you for Cisco exams. Cisco skills training covers individual product offerings and will enhance your real-world expertise. Here’s all the Cisco training from CBT Nuggets.

Cisco Certification Training from CBT Nuggets

Cisco certifications are well-known in the IT world — and they help validate the skills and knowledge of IT professionals with a variety of roles. These Cisco certification training courses are designed for network administrators, security professionals, and DevOps engineers.

Cisco Skills Training from CBT Nuggets

There’s a lot to learn about Cisco products. Networking, cybersecurity, DevOps, voice & video — Cisco covers it all. These Cisco training courses cover what you need to know to feel confident in your job role.

Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA CenterIntermediate16 hrs 10 mins
Data Center Networking with Cisco Nexus SwitchesIntermediate23 hrs 20 mins
Cisco Data Center Network Design TrainingIntermediate24 hrs 52 mins
Cisco FirepowerIntermediate18 hrs 44 mins
Cisco OSPF ConfigurationIntermediate11 hrs 2 mins
Cisco Collaboration Solutions and ArchitectureIntermediate9 hrs 45 mins
Cisco Network Management TroubleshootingIntermediate8 hrs 28 mins
Advanced Network Automation with Cisco and PythonIntermediate31 hrs 16 mins
Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure ACIIntermediate8 hrs 47 mins
Cisco Meraki NetworksIntermediate3 hrs 6 mins
Cisco UCS EssentialsIntermediate6 hrs 6 mins
Cisco Meraki MX FirewallsIntermediate2 hrs 54 mins
Cisco VPNIntermediate5 hrs 14 mins
Quality of Service (QoS) for Cisco Voice and Cisco VideoIntermediate7 hrs 19 mins
Cisco OSPF TroubleshootingIntermediate5 hrs 52 mins
Cisco EIGRP ConfigurationIntermediate5 hrs 2 mins
Cisco IOS XE Gateway and Media ResourcesIntermediate6 hrs 39 mins
Cisco UCS ConfigurationIntermediate3 hrs 46 mins
Automating APIs and Protocols for Cisco Enterprise SolutionsIntermediate2 hrs 23 mins
Cisco Unified Communications ManagerIntermediate4 hrs 7 mins
Getting Started with MX FirewallsIntermediate1 hr 23 mins
Cisco Collaboration Protocols, Codecs, and EndpointsIntermediate3 hrs 46 mins
Advanced Cisco Addressing and Routing SolutionsAdvanced3 hrs 21 mins
Cisco Routing and Switching TroubleshootingIntermediate7 hrs 58 mins
Creating a Base Configuration for Cisco DevicesEntry2 hrs 39 mins
Using Cisco Webex APIsIntermediate1 hr 15 mins
Cisco Network ServicesIntermediate2 hrs 21 mins
Cisco VIRLEntry1 hr 36 mins
Applying and Verifying Cisco Access Control ListsIntermediate1 hr 27 mins
CCIE BootcampAdvanced8 hrs 32 mins

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