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Cisco CCNA Assessment Labs (200-301) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What do the CCNA Assessment Labs prepare you for?

These CCNA Assessment Labs are the best way to prepare for 200-301, the only exam you need to take to earn the Cisco CCNA. In February of 2020, Cisco changed the way their certifications worked and eliminated all the specialization CCNAs and replaced them with one, unified CCNA. The CCNA Assessment Labs are how you prepare for the practical aspects of the 200-301 and gain experience and knowledge with routing and switching fundamentals.

Is the CCNA exam 200-301 retired?

No, the 200-301 hasn't been retired, it's actually the replacement for all the other CCNA specialization exams that have been retired. Before February 2020, passing one of the CCNA specialization exams got you a specialization certification like CCNA Cyber Ops, CCNA Cloud, or CCNA Collaboration -- among others. Now that those have been retired, the CCNA 200-301 is the one exam you need to pass to earn the generalist CCNA.

Is CCNA Assessment Labs training still valid?

Yes, CCNA Assessment Labs training is absolutely still valid. After Cisco moved away from specialization certifications at the associate level, the CCNA became an even more valuable IT certification and this Assessment Labs training is the best way to get the first-hand knowledge you'll need in order to pass it. There's no better way to gain experience with network design, routing and switching, network security and the basics of automation than CCNA Assessment Labs training.

How much does the CCNA cost?

The CCNA costs $300. There's only one exam necessary for earning the CCNA, the 200-301, and since it has no prerequisite courses or exams, the total cost for taking it is $300. With this CCNA Assessment Labs training, you can practice the exact configurations you'll see on the 200-301 exam. After taking it, you can feel confident that you know what it takes to pass the CCNA on the first time and only have to pay $300 once.

Is this CCNA Assessment Labs training worth taking?

Yes, although there are some administrators who could pass the CCNA without training, for most junior administrators, this CCNA Assessment Labs training is definitely worth taking. If you have anything less than two years of experience managing and troubleshooting advanced networks, this CCNA Assessment Labs training is worth taking because it puts you in simulated environments that are identical to real-world settings so you can get all the practice you need.
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