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Cisco DevNet Associate (200-901 DEVASC) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

How much is the DevNet Associate exam?

The Cisco DevNet Associate exam costs $300. All of Cisco’s associate-level certification exams cost the same amount, $300, and the DevNet Associate is one of them. $300 might sound like a lot at first, but Cisco’s DevNet associate certification is a worthwhile, entry-level cert for IT professionals getting started with software development and design.

Is DevNet associate hard?

The DevNet Associate certification exam from Cisco is pretty challenging. The DevNet Associate is far from being the hardest certification exam that Cisco offers, but it’s still hard enough. On the other hand, for IT professionals who are familiar with network fundamentals and access, IP connectivity and services, as well as security fundamentals and automation on Cisco networks, the DevNet Associate should be fairly easy.

Is Cisco DevNet Associate Worth It?

The Cisco DevNet Associate is worth it for entry-level IT professionals who need a certification that covers how to develop applications for managing and configuring network. The Cisco DevNet Associate is worth it because no other certification is made for software development and design on networks specifically powered by Cisco equipment.

How much does Cisco certification cost?

Cisco offers many certifications, and many cost different amounts. Generally speaking, the cost of Cisco certification depends on the level of certification you’re talking about, from as low as $125 for entry-level certifications to $1,600 for expert-level certifications like the CCIE. The Cisco DevNet Associate costs $300. In addition to the dozen or so standard certifications, there are also specialist certs and channel/partner exams that cost $80-$300.

What does a DevNet associate do?

A DevNet Associate is a certification that proves your knowledge of network fundamentals. A DevNet Associate shows that you know how to combine that knowledge with software development and APIs to create useful tools and applications for (usually) enterprise networks. Developing applications that can automate network operations with Python and REST APIs is at the heart of what DevNet Associate does.
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