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CCT Routing & Switching (100-490 RSTECH) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is CCT Routing & Switching worth it?

For brand new IT professionals who want to get started on the right foot, the CCT Routing & Switching is definitely worth it. But since it's a rudimentary introduction to routing and networking hardware, the CCT Routing & Switching might not be worth it for professionals with several years of experience – unless it's to document and validate their skills in the field.

How much does the 100-490 RSTECH cost?

The CCT Routing & Switching certifying exam 100-490 RSTECH costs $125. The CCT Routing & Switching cert is one of Cisco's beginner certifications, so there are no prerequisites to pay for or additional costs. If you pursue the CCT, $125 for the exam plus any training materials or courses you find will be the only cost for earning it.

Is the CCT Routing & Switching exam 100-490 difficult?

No, the CCT Routing & Switching is designed to be an introductory certification, the 100-490 RSTECH exam isn't very hard. 100-490 would be very easy for someone with several years of experience, but it's usually being taken by newcomers. For someone with no previous experience or IT knowledge, the CCT Routing & Switching exam will be challenging.

Does CCT Routing & Switching expire?

Yes, all of the Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) certs expire after three years. There are several things you can do to prevent the CCT Routing & Switching from expiring after three years: you can retake the same exam, pass any other Cisco Specialist exam, pass the CCNA exam, pass a CCNP concentration exam or earn any higher cert than a CCT.

How to study for 100-490 RSTECH?

If you're studying for the CCT Routing & Switching, it's probably one of the first certifying exams you've studied for, so be sure to find a course that marries theory with practice. The best way to study for the 100-490 RSTECH is with a course that packages theoretical networking concepts with real-world opportunities to practice the skills you're learning about.
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