Extended ACLs Concepts

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Applying and Verifying Cisco Access Control Lists FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco course on Access Control Lists (ACL)?

You'll learn how to throttle network traffic, maintain control over which users see what resources, and give the most important applications and resources priority. You'll learn how to use Cisco networking devices to manage and maintain access control lists and give you fine-tuned control over each packet on your network.

Who should take this Cisco Access Control Lists (ACL) training?

Network administrators are the best candidates for training in applying and verifying Access Control Lists on Cisco equipment. Administrators with a few years of experience will be best equipped for and helped by this course, since it depends on deep familiarity with how traffic transits your network.

Is this course on Cisco Access Control Lists (ACL) associated with any certifications?

No, this course won't prepare you in particular for any specific industry certification. Most certification exams expect you to have a lot of general knowledge about networking, but this short course stays focused on Access Control Lists and how to manage network traffic and behavior with them.

What certifications should you consider after taking this training in Cisco Access Control Lists (ACL)?

Depending on where you're at in your career, Cisco's CCNA, CCNP Enterprise, or even CyberOps Professional could be within reach shortly after taking this course. Taking this course won't be all you need to earn them, but applying and verifying ACLs is an important part of all three.

Why should you take a course on applying and verifying Cisco Access Control Lists (ACL)?

You should take this course because the way that Access Control Lists get applied and verified on Cisco devices is particular to Cisco equipment. Not only that, but once you know how to, you'll be a much more qualified administrator capable of clever and creative manipulations of your networks.
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