Summarizing the BGP Best Path Algorithm

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How to Design Advanced Cisco Networks using BGP Routing FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is Border Gateway Protocol and what does it do?

Border Gateway Protocol is a powerful combination of mathematical and network engineering algorithms that, taken together, are a crucial part of maintaining the connectivity and stability of the entire internet. Border Gateway Protocol (or BGP) is what's called an exterior gateway protocol, meaning it manages the outward-facing interactions that take place between autonomous systems (AS) to ensure data transits these massive networks in the most efficient way possible.

What are the advantages of BGP over other protocols?

BGP is flexible, scalable and manageable in a way that makes it not just advantageous when compared to other networks, but downright indispensable for today's internet. Perhaps most important above all, BGP supports policy-based routing, which means administrators can implement custom policies that manage cost, performance and traffic. BGP's structure is also scalable, which means it can keep expanding to incorporate the incomprehensibly vast size and complexity of the global internet.

Is this BGP course associated with any certifications?

Yes, this advanced Cisco network design course is designed to help you prepare for several Cisco certification exams. This is a short and focused course, and taking it won't prepare you for any Cisco exam in its entirety. But many of Cisco's professional-level certifications (CCNP Data Center and CCNP Enterprise) require BGP familiarity. Earning the CCNP Service Provider depends in large part on knowing how to manage and implement BGP.

Who should take this course on Cisco network design using BGP?

Anyone who hopes to earn the CCNP Service Provider should plan on taking this course, especially if you're planning on taking the SPRI (Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions) concentration exam. But this course isn't meant exclusively for people planning on earning a Cisco cert. Network engineering and architecting professionals – even advanced network administrators – can benefit from knowing how to use and implement BGP, a powerful but complex protocol.

Is learning to use BGP in Cisco network design considered an entry-level skill?

No, learning to use BGP routing in Cisco network design is decidedly not an entry-level skill. In fact, a strong understanding of networking concepts and Cisco routing technologies are essential prerequisites to learning how BGP operates on a Cisco network. Before you take this course, you should have a strong understanding of TCP/IP, routing protocols, and network design. It is very unlikely that an entry-level job would expect you to know BGP routing.
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