Intro: Customizing the Cisco Finesse Desktop

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Cisco Finesse Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is Cisco Finesse and what are its key characteristics?

Cisco Finesse is a web-based contact center management suite. With interfaces for agents and supervisors alike, Finesse is best known for the customization that's possible of the interfaces used to handle customer interactions across various channels like voice calls, emails, and chats. Cisco Finesse is favored for its potential integration with Cisco UCCE, UCCX, and PCCE. Finesse supports multi-channel communication, CRM integration, and real-time reporting for monitoring contact center performance.

Is Cisco Finesse still supported?

Yes, Cisco Finesse is definitely still supported. Cisco has provided many different versions of Cisco Finesse, and most previous versions have now been retired. At the time of this writing, Cisco Finesse 12.5 is the current version being actively supported by Cisco. This retirement and update cycle ensures users and organizations have access to ongoing maintenance, updates, and technical assistance, maintaining the reliability and functionality of the platform.

Who should take this Cisco Finesse training and why?

Obviously the best candidate for this Cisco Finesse training is anyone who works with Cisco Finesse – whether you're a user who handles customer interaction, or you're a network or server administrator who ensures the smooth operation of the call management software from the backend. With this Cisco Finesse training, you'll understand the interface and maximize your efficiency with the software. And administrators will learn how to optimize Finesse and weave it into existing architecture.

What are some key benefits to using Cisco Finesse?

Contact centers who implement Cisco Finesse see several benefits, most related to efficiency and standardization. Finesse streamlines customer interactions across multiple channels while interacting with existing CRMs. This ensures that contact center operators have a full and complete picture of their customers. The customizable layouts and features help optimize workflows and enhance service quality. The real-time reporting and analytics features Finesse offers also empower supervisors in monitoring performance and improving customer and user satisfaction.

What are the drawbacks or disadvantages to using Cisco Finesse?

The potential drawbacks a company should be prepared for when implementing Cisco Finesse lie in integration and training. Although Cisco has provided many integration opportunities with existing networks and CRMs, different protocols and configurations can still be complicated and confusing. And training users as well as administrators, while possible with a course like this, still requires time and effort. Finesse's many customization options also require familiarity with how to implement them.
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