EIGRP Configuration Online Training

  • Keith Barker

  • Knox Hutchinson

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EIGRP Configuration Online Training

This intermediate EIGRP Configuration training prepares network administrators to configure and manage the routers on an autonomous system running EIGRP to maximize the speed and efficiency of the network.

EIGRP Configuration: What You Need to Know

This EIGRP Configuration training covers EIGRP topics including:

Who Should Take EIGRP Configuration Training?

This EIGRP Configuration training is considered associate-level Cisco training, which means it was designed for network administrators. This EIGRP skills course is designed for network administrators with three to five years of experience with EIGRP configuration methods.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Fundamentals of EIGRP

Intermediate1 hr 15 mins11 videos

EIGRP Address Families

Intermediate 35 mins4 videos

EIGRP Neighbor Relationships and Authentication

Intermediate 22 mins4 videos

EIGRP Stub Routing

Intermediate 24 mins5 videos

Troubleshoot EIGRP

Intermediate 38 mins5 videos

Design Networks with EIGRP

Intermediate1 hr 3 mins9 videos

EIGRP Assessment

Advanced 42 mins1 videos