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Foundations for CCNP Security Prep: How to Get Started with Advanced Cisco Security FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this CCNP Security foundations training?

It might sound like a contradiction, but this course teaches the foundations of advanced cisco security. Advanced security administration on Cisco devices and networks can be a completely different set of skills and responsibilities from an associate- or entry-level role, and this course prepares you for taking on higher-level certifications and senior security roles.

Who should take this advanced Cisco security course?

This course is best for IT professionals with some cybersecurity already but who are eager to take on more serious responsibilities. This course helps you master skills necessary for securing networks, cloud and content, protecting endpoints, ensuring visibility and maintaining enforcement. If you want an advanced Cisco security career, take this course.

Is this training in the foundations of advanced Cisco cybersecurity associated with any certifications?

Yes, this Cisco security course is associated with the CCNP Security, a professional-level certification from Cisco. After this course, you'll know what to expect on the CCNP Security core exam, 350-701: a strong foundation in the concepts of cybersecurity, experience securing cloud and content networks, and confidence with securing network access and detecting threats.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in advanced Cisco cybersecurity administration?

In Cisco's family of security certs, CCNP Security is the first, so if you finish this course and feel confident with your level of experience, consider the CCNP Security. But if you're still quite new to the career field, you might try the broader, less-intensive CCNA before moving on to the CCNP Security.

Why should you take this training in getting started with CCNP Security?

You should take this course in advanced Cisco security administration because while junior security administrators can push the right buttons and run the right checklists, after this training, you'll be deploying next-gen firewalls, configuring adaptive security appliances, and manually controlling access control and mail policies. You'll see the difference in your abilities and so will your employer.
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