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Cisco Data Center Network Design Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is data center network design?

Data center network design is the process of planning how components of a data center network will be laid out and configured for future speed and throughput, scalability and reliability. Data center network design includes planning the physical arrangement of switches, routers, servers and storage devices, as well as digital configuration of their connections and protocols. A data center's speed, reliability and security are all thanks to its initial design.

Will taking this course on network design be enough to earn the CCNP Data Center?

No, this course on its own won't be enough to earn the CCNP Data Center in its entirety. The CCNP Data Center is a wide-spanning credential that covers implementing, optimizing and troubleshooting network, compute, storage network, automation and security components in addition to planning and designing for them. This course can, however, help you in your preparations for the CCNP Data Center as well as three of its five concentration exams.

Are the CCNA and CCNP certifications worth it?

Cisco certifications like the associate-level CCNA and professional-level CCNP are very much worth it for network professionals who want to secure a career designing, implementing and configuring some of the world's largest and most complex networks. Of course, if you don't work with Cisco networks, there are better credentials. But if you work with Cisco or would like to secure a career configuring Cisco tech, their credentials are excellent assets.

What are the basics of data center network design?

The basics of data center network design include choices related to layout, configuration, topology, connectivity, resource utilization, and more. The physical arrangement of the network infrastructure is a key part of data center network design, as is network topology and hardware selection – which in turn will affect connectivity protocols. The process of data center network design is a constant balancing act of scalability, redundancy, security and latency reduction.

Are there jobs for data center network designers?

Yes, companies all over the world are increasing their reliance on digital infrastructures, and data center network designers are absolutely in demand. The job is far from an entry-level position, and even networking professionals with several years of experience find that the competition is quite fierce. But with appropriate preparation, certification, experience and training, roles like network architects, engineers, and consultants are available for designing, implementing and optimizing data center networks.
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