IQN and IP Pool Configuration

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Cisco UCS Configuration FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

How do you change a fabric interconnect?

You can change the fabric interconnect model in the Cisco USC management dashboard. Before changing the fabric interconnect, save your current configuration. Changing the fabric interconnect does require hardware reboots. To change the fabric interconnect, open the Cisco UCS management dashboard. Then click the Settings gear icon. Finally, select the option to 'Change Fabric Interconnect.' After configuring this change, the system will reboot. Once the reboot process is finished, ensure to re-insert your hardware into the UCS manager.

How do I access fabric interconnect?

To access the Fabric Interconnect, navigate to the management IP address of the Fabric Interconnect through the terminal emulation program of your choice or use the management IP address as the URL in a browser. If the Fabric Interconnect does not yet have a management IP address, you must access the Fabric Interconnect using the serial cable and a terminal emulation application.

How do I change the IP address on my Cisco Fabric Interconnect?

To change the IP address on your Cisco Fabric Interconnect, first launch the Cisco UCS management utility. Once that is launched, locate and select the Admin tab in the UCS dashboard. Next, locate and expand Communication Management. Finally, choose Management Interfaces. You can change the IP address of the management interface for the fabric interconnect here.

How do I set up UCS?

To set up UCS, you first need to be connected to the management port of the Cisco appliance. First, connect to the Cisco hardware. Then power on the fiber interconnect. Once the interconnect is powered on, connect to the interconnect via the console. At the installation prompt in the console, enter 'gui.' Finally, follow the on-screen instructions for the rest of the setup process.

How do I access Cisco UCS?

You can access the Cisco UCS management dashboard through your browser. From the URL bar in the browser, navigate to the IP address configured for management access in Cisco UCS. Once the dashboard loads, you will be prompted for your login credentials. Use those credentials to log in to the Cisco UCS management dashboard.
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