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Implementing Cisco Data Center Storage FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What does it mean to implement Cisco data center storage?

Implementing basically means "setting up", but it includes the more complicated and technical details of preparing and installing equipment. Implementing Cisco data center storage entails setting up the systems that will store and manage a network's digital information – that includes installation, configuration, and software set-up in the data center environment. Storage implementation includes configuring storage hardware and software from Cisco in a way that ensures data reliability, accessibility and security.

How do I earn a CCNP Data Center certification?

Earning the CCNP Data Center requires passing the core exam, 350-601 DCCOR which covers design and implementation of data center technologies, including LAN, SAN, automation and security. Additionally, you'll choose one of five concentration exams to prove your grasp on specialized aspects of managing data centers. The core exam costs $400 to attempt and each concentration costs $300. The CCNP Data Center is challenging and will likely require prep and study.

Is a CCNP cert better than the CCNA?

The CCNA and all five of the CCNPs are all high-quality and well-respected credentials, neither is better than the other – but one might be better suited to your unique career situation and goals. The CCNA is an associate-level certification that covers a range of skills related to managing enterprise networks. Meanwhile, CCNPs are deeper, more specialized credentials that prove a person's deeper mastery of complicated elements of large network management.

Who should take this course on Cisco data center storage?

The most obvious audience for this course on implementing Cisco data center storage is anyone who needs to learn, in a hurry, how to plan, install, configure and manage data center storage technologies from Cisco for their job. Storage technicians, systems administrators and network administrators can quickly master the different techniques and options available for doing so, and be ready for advancements and promotions in their field.

How hard is the CCNP Data Center certification?

The CCNP Data Center certification is a challenging credential that puts even highly experienced network engineers through a gauntlet. The core exam for CCNP Data Center, 350-601 DCCOR, is a 2-hour long test with anywhere between 90-110 questions on it and a passing score of roughly 80%. Some questions depend on subject matter knowledge, but many don't have a clear right or wrong answer and depend on good judgment.
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