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How to Troubleshoot Cisco Routers and Control Plane Policing FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is control plane policing and what is it for?

The control plane is a way of describing where device management happens and communication protocols exist inside a device. Control plane policing is a network security measure focused on managing and protecting that plane and what happens there. Control plane policing's main function is to make sure that network devices like routers and switches don't get overwhelmed with excessive traffic or malicious activities that would overwhelm critical functions.

Who should take this course on troubleshooting Cisco routers?

Anyone who keeps networks running will benefit from this course. From network technicians who need to quickly and accurately resolve issues with network devices to IT administrators who specialize in downtime reduction, this course is full of practical skills for ensuring network reliability. This course can apply to network security professionals as they keep the network safe and secure as well as technicians who just need to keep it operating normally.

How hard is it to learn how to troubleshoot Cisco routers and control planes?

Although learning to troubleshoot Cisco routers and control plane policing isn't a particularly advanced technical skill, a foundational understanding of networking concepts will make this course much easier. This course provides hands-on practice with simulated Cisco network devices, but having real-world experience of your own will make learning easier. You may not want to take this course with no previous experience operating network devices, but it's still an early-career course.

Are there any certifications associated with this Cisco router troubleshooting course?

No, this course isn't associated with any specific Cisco certification or exam. However, knowing how to troubleshoot routers and police the control plane relates to some of Cisco's associate and professional-level certifications. This course can help you prepare for the CCNA as it broadens your general administration skills. And it can also focus your cybersecurity familiarity and skills if you're interested in working toward the CCNP Security.

Why should you take this Cisco troubleshooting course?

You should take this course because diagnosing and resolving router and control plane issues is a practical skill set that helps set you apart as an experienced and knowledgeable administrator. This course, and the skills you learn from it, represent the first step away from entry-level work and toward professional specialization. Knowing how to resolve issues promptly means you can reduce downtime and ensure connectivity, valuable skills for any IT professional.
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