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Layer 2 CCIE Training: VLAN, EtherChannel & STP Tutorial FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the CCIE worth it?

Whether or not Cisco's expert-level networking certification is right for you depends on a lot of factors, including your commitment to the IT career field, your current experience level, and your desire for advanced positions in enterprise network engineering. The CCIE Enterprise in particular is a prestigious and highly sought-after certification that signifies mastery in enterprise networking – earning it is a difficult and expensive journey but can pay off with top-tier enterprise network jobs.

What is EtherChannel and STP?

EtherChannel and STP are two different networking technologies that keep enterprise networks stable and efficient. Mastering their implementation, management and administration is a critical part of the job for enterprise network engineers. EtherChannel allows multiple physical Ethernet links to be combined into a single logical link. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) prevents loops in Ethernet networks by dynamically closing redundant paths and ensuring a loop-free logical topology is maintained.

What experience level is the CCIE suitable for?

The CCIE is considered by Cisco an expert-level certification and rightly so: it's suitable for highly experienced networking professionals with no less than five, but recommended to have seven years of direct and hands-on experience with designing, deploying, operating and optimizing enterprise networking technologies and solutions. The topics on the CCIE are advanced enough that it's not particularly useful for early-career IT professionals to try and learn them early – for that, a course related to CCNP is the better option.

How much does the CCIE cost?

The total cost of the CCIE can vary depending on whether and how far you have to travel to take the mandatory in-person exam and whether or not you can pass the challenging written exam on your first attempt. For the CCIE alone, the bare minimum cost is $2,100, but theoretically the tests alone could cost as much as $12,000. Additionally, travel and accommodations could cost more, and the additional cost of any previous certifications (which aren't mandatory).

Who should take this CCIE VLAN, EtherChannel & STP course?

Anyone interested in eventually earning their CCIE Enterprise should definitely take this course since it's designed to teach you about three very important enterprise networking technologies relevant to the CCIE Enterprise exams. Additionally, networking professionals with several years of experience working with enterprise networks who need additional familiarity with implementing virtualized networks or maintaining ethernet networks for enterprise-scale networks would benefit from this course.
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