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Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco DNA Center Training?

With this training, you'll learn to implement one of the smartest network segmentation and intent-based networking tools available right now – Cisco's SD-Access fabric. Cisco software-defined access (SD-Access) is available with their DNA Center management and control platform, and like any powerful network automation tool, it requires specific training to use properly. With this training, you'll know how to implement and manage SD-Access and unlock group-based policies and routing.

Why should you take this SD-Access with Cisco DNA Center training?

You should take this training because of how quickly it readies you to implement the unique SD-Access networking access solution. This training isn't especially long, and once you've finished it you'll be able to classify traffic with smart, group-based policies that keep your network much safer than IP-based policies. This training isn't meant to prepare you for every last part of Cisco DNA Center – it's meant for someone who wants to implement SD-Access by the end of next week.

Is this SD-Access course associated with a certification?

No, this Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center course isn't associated with one single certification. One of the required portions of Cisco's CCNA is familiarity with Cisco DNA Center device management, so this training can help prepare you for the CCNA. But the CCNA also covers many other topics that this course doesn't. This SD-Access course only covers deploying and administering SD-Access Fabric on Cisco's DNA center hardware.

Who should take this SD-Access Fabric course?

Network administrators who work on Cisco-enabled enterprise networks should consider taking this SD-Access Fabric course. If you're already working on a Cisco enterprise network, you've probably encountered Cisco DNA Center – this training will help you navigate and use that management and control software. But this course specifically focuses on maintaining superior network security with software-defined access into and out of your network.

What's the value of SD-Access and Cisco DNA Center?

The value of both Cisco's DNA Center generally and SD-Access specifically is the intelligence of the software that anticipates where traffic is headed and optimizes network behavior by leveraging intent-based networking. SD-Access is one portion of the DNA Center whole, which provides automation, assurance and security policies to an enterprise network unlike any other network management tool. SD-Access and Cisco DNA Center, when administered and managed properly, improve network security and speeds beyond anything a human could manually configure.
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