Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center Online Training

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Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center Online Training

This intermediate Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center prepares network administrators to deploy SD-Access Fabric on Cisco's DNA Center hardware to provide advanced, intent-based networking for campus networks.

Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center: What You Need to Know

This Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center training has videos that cover topics such as:

Who Should Take Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center Training?

This Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center training is considered professional-level training, which means it was designed for network administrators. This DNA Center skills course is designed for network administrators with three to five years of experience with network automation.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Describe Software-Defined Networking

Intermediate 36 mins6 videos

Explain Software-Defined Access Principles

Intermediate 44 mins9 videos

Explain Software-Defined Access Fabric Operation

Intermediate1 hr 2 mins12 videos

Explain LISP

Intermediate 31 mins6 videos

Explain VXLAN

Intermediate 25 mins5 videos

Identify Software-Defined Access Components

Intermediate 25 mins6 videos

Design a Software-Defined Access Fabric

Intermediate 36 mins7 videos

Migrate to Software-Defined Access

Intermediate 35 mins6 videos

Set Up an ISE Lab

Intermediate 28 mins7 videos

802.1X Fundamentals

Intermediate 23 mins4 videos

Configure ISE for 802.1X

Intermediate 46 mins8 videos

Configure a Switch for 802.1X

Intermediate 22 mins5 videos

Configure ISE MAC Authentication Bypass

Intermediate 22 mins4 videos

Configure Cisco TrustSec

Intermediate 50 mins9 videos

Complete Day 0 Preparations with DNA Center and ISE

Entry 29 mins8 videos

Prepare Your Network for DNA Center Discovery

Intermediate 38 mins6 videos

Understand the 4 Workflows of DNA Center

Entry 21 mins7 videos

Design: Create and Configure a Network Hierarchy in DNA Center

Advanced 42 mins9 videos

Policy: Define Business Intent in DNA Center

Advanced 24 mins7 videos

Policy: Create Dynamic Authentication Profiles for SD-Access

Advanced 28 mins8 videos

Provision: Perform Device Discovery and LAN Automation

Advanced 52 mins9 videos

Provision: Design and Deploy the Overlay

Advanced 41 mins11 videos

Configure the Border Handoff on Fusion Routers

Advanced1 hr 12 videos

Provision Wireless in Your SD-Access Fabric

Advanced 27 mins8 videos

DNA Center Assurance Foundations

Advanced 28 mins6 videos

DNA Center Platform: The Automation Foundation

Advanced 45 mins7 videos

DNA Center Platform: Deeper Automation Techniques

Advanced 40 mins6 videos
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