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Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls Online Training


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Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls Online Training

This entry-level Cisco training prepares learners to configure, administer and troubleshoot Cisco Meraki MX Security & SD-WAN appliances in the administration of distributed sites, campuses, or datacenter VPNs.

The Meraki MX line of firewall appliances from Cisco are some of the most popular security and virtualization tools on the market for companies that need distributed deployments with remote administration. Software defined networks are increasingly popular, and Cisco Meraki MX appliances are specially designed for virtualized wide area networks. Companies that invest in the use of Meraki MXs — or network administrators who go out of their way to learn to master them — will find themselves ahead of their competition and running faster, more stable and much more secure wide area networks.

After finishing the videos in this Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls training, you'll know how to configure, administer and troubleshoot Cisco Meraki MX Security & SD-WAN appliances in the administration of distributed sites, campuses or datacenter VPNs.

For anyone who manages network administrators, this Cisco training can be used to onboard new network administrators, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Cisco reference resource.

Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls: What You Need to Know

This Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls training covers topics including:

  • Setting bandwidth policies for different application types
  • Filtering content and preventing intrusions
  • Automating VPN route generations
  • Automating MPLS to VPN failover
  • Configuring role-based administration
  • Managing load balancing and smart connection monitoring

Who Should Take Meraki Training?

This Meraki training is considered associate-level Cisco training, which means it was designed for network administrators. This Meraki MX firewalls skills course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with security appliances and experienced network administrators looking to validate their Cisco skills.

New or aspiring network administrators. For network administrators just starting their career, but who remain uncertain on what to focus their time and attention on, training early in a specific piece of hardware can help your career in the long term. It can both help you specialize your abilities but also show you different aspects of the job you're getting into. Cisco Meraki MX Security appliances are industry standards for SD-WAN architectures, and this training will help you configure them perfectly on your networks.

Experienced network administrators. Diversifying your experiences and abilities is fundamentally crucial for a successful career, no matter the field. For network administrators who've been on the job for a few years, knowing how to administer and configure a Cisco Meraki MX will help guarantee that you're never caught flat-footed with a SD-WAN or in configuring a firewall. This training covers all of the unified threat management capabilities, cloud management settings and branch gateway services that set the Cisco Meraki MX apart in the field and can ensure you're a Meraki pro.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Understand Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking Concepts

    Entry 20 mins6 videos
  • Deploy LAN Connectivity with Meraki MX Appliances

    Entry 27 mins7 videos
  • Implement Advanced Security Features with Meraki MX Firewalls

    Intermediate 15 mins6 videos
  • Deploy VPNs with Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls

    Intermediate 19 mins7 videos
  • Deploy a Python Azure Function App with VS Code

    Advanced 29 mins6 videos
  • Understand Meraki Dashboards and Webhook Alerts

    Intermediate 14 mins6 videos
  • Automate Cisco Meraki Networks

    Intermediate 25 mins6 videos
  • Automation with the Meraki Python SDK

    Entry 21 mins6 videos
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