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Cisco VPN FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco VPN training?

You'll learn the skills, knowledge and abilities required to plan, deploy, manage and troubleshoot VPNs powered by Cisco. Setting up and maintaining VPNs with the Cisco VPN client isn't exactly easy, but after Cisco VPN training like this, you'll know how to convince your peers and boss that it is.

Who should take this Cisco VPN course?

This is a technical course aimed at the IT professionals who will be actually responsible for maintaining, configuring or troubleshooting VPNs with the Cisco VPN Client application. That means network administrators, network engineers and architects and even database administrators could benefit from taking this Cisco VPN course.

Is this training in Cisco VPN associated with any certifications?

Not specifically, no, this Cisco VPN training isn't directly associated with any of Cisco's certifications. Rather than get bogged down in all the extra information that you'd need to memorize to pass a certifying exam, this course dives deep and exclusively into VPNs and the Cisco VPN client.

What certification should you consider after taking this course on Cisco VPN?

After this Cisco VPN course, you may want to think about working toward CCNA or one of the CCNPs. True mastery over VPNs with Cisco technology can lead to an advanced certification like the CCNP Data Center or CCNP Enterprise, since both require deep familiarity with VPN configuration and management.

Why should you take this Cisco VPN training?

You should take this Cisco VPN training because what you can provide to your company with a great VPN is more precious than gold. A well-maintained VPN doesn't just make entire teams of work-from-home employees more productive, it also keeps their work secure and the entire network moving faster.
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