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Using Cisco Webex APIs FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco Webex training?

You'll learn how to make creative spaces that facilitate the kinds of conversations that your company needs to make better, faster decisions. This course covers using Cisco Webex APIs to automate and customize your use of Webex Teams and ChatOps, perfecting your company's collaboration and conversations.

Who should take this course in Cisco Webex APIs?

A wide audience of IT professionals would benefit from this course in Cisco Webex APIs, from network administrators and systems administrators to software developers and most obviously collaboration engineers. Anyone who needs to know how to customize Webex and tweak it should consider this course in Webex APIs.

Is this Cisco Webex course associated with any certifications?

No, this is a short course designed only to prepare administrators for customizing and optimizing their Webex experience with its APIs and SDK. Certification exams tend to want much more information and more memorization, while this course is focused on real-world, hands-on experience with optimizing Webex.

What certification should you consider after taking this training in Cisco Webex APIs?

For new administrators, Cisco CCT Collaboration is an entry-level certification that's aimed at finding out if the career field is right for you. Meanwhile, the CCNP Collaboration is a challenging advanced certification. Both should be on your radar if what you learn from this course interests you long-term.

Why should you take this Cisco Webex API course?

You should take this Cisco Webex API course if it would be helpful to your career to know how to make connections between your collaboration tech and third-party apps or tools. If integrating your own internal apps with external collaboration devices sounds appealing, you should take this course.
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