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Cisco UCCX Scripting Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco UCCX scripting training?

You'll learn how to set up every aspect and feature of the Unified Call Center Express solution for scripting. That includes implementing custom applications, tools and organizational inputs via the API, gathering customer feedback, maintaining omnichannel interactions and more. But it's not just managing those features, it's writing scripts that automate them.

Who should take this Cisco UCCX scripting course?

This is a technical course on automating the behavior of Cisco UCCX, so IT collaboration professionals with experience using UCCX should take this course. Typically, that's experienced collaboration engineers, but newer collaboration administrators who'd like to master one of the many technologies they'll face over the course of their career should also take this course.

Is this training in Cisco UCCX scripting associated with any certifications?

No, this course is focused entirely on practical, firsthand experience with writing UCCX scripts, not preparing or memorizing for a test. Take this UCCX scripting course and you'll focus on real-world problems within virtual simulations to ensure that you know how to automate your call center in a box before you actually get hands on it.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Cisco UCCX scripting?

Cisco doesn't require a knowledge of scripting UCCX functionality for any of its certifications or certification exams, so the right certification is up to where you are in your career and where you'd like to go. Cisco offers a very early-career CCT certification or a professional-level CCNP Collaboration you might consider after this course.

Why should you take this Cisco UCCX scripting training?

If you work with UCCX, you should take this course because one of the marks of a professional in the IT world is someone who doesn't just know how to manage or deploy a tool, but how to set up automation for it so that it runs almost entirely on its own.
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