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Certified Devnet Professional Online Training

This intermediate Cisco training prepares DevOps professionals to take the 350-901 DEVCOR exam, which is one of two exams required to earn the Certified Devnet Professional certification.

Certified Devnet Professional: What You Need to Know

This Certified Devnet Professional training maps to the 350-901 DEVCOR exam objectives, and covers topics such as:

Who Should Take Certified Devnet Professional Training?

This Devnet training is considered associate-level Cisco training, which means it was designed for DevOps professionals with three to five years of experience with automation tools and DevOps best practices.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Understand Distributed Application Architecture

Entry 37 mins7 videos

Understand Application Design Considering Latency, Maintainability, and Observability

Advanced 21 mins5 videos

Diagnose Problems With An Application Given Logs Related To An Event

Intermediate 31 mins6 videos

Evaluate Choice of Database Types with Respect to Application Requirements

Intermediate 45 mins8 videos

Understand Application Architectural Patterns

Intermediate 33 mins7 videos

Utilize Advanced Version Control Operations with Git

Advanced 34 mins8 videos

Explain and Use Release Packaging and Dependency Management with PyPi

Advanced 32 mins7 videos

Create an API Sequence Diagram with PlantUML

Intermediate 24 mins6 videos

Understand the Challenges of Consuming APIs

Intermediate 27 mins6 videos

Optimize APIs with HTTP Caching

Intermediate 27 mins5 videos

Support Pagination with RESTful APIs

Intermediate 20 mins4 videos

Understand OAuth

Intermediate 37 mins7 videos

Implement ChatOps with Webex Teams

Intermediate 48 mins7 videos

Construct API Requests using Firepower Device Management

Intermediate 37 mins5 videos

Enable SSIDs in Meraki Dashboard API

Intermediate 29 mins5 videos

Implement the Meraki Location Scanning API

Advanced 16 mins6 videos

Construct API Calls to Cisco Intersight

Intermediate 27 mins6 videos

Automate Cisco UCS Servers

35 mins6 videos

DNA Center Platform: The Automation Foundation

Advanced 45 mins7 videos

DNA Center Platform: Deeper Automation Techniques

Advanced 40 mins6 videos

Understand Application Monitoring with AppDynamics

Intermediate 18 mins7 videos

Master YANG Data Models for the Real World

Advanced1 hr 4 mins8 videos

Describe and Deploy Model-Driven-Telemetry with Dashboards

Advanced 25 mins6 videos

Create and Troubleshoot a CICD Pipeline with Jenkins and GitHub

Intermediate 39 mins7 videos

Deploy an Application with Docker and Kubernetes

Advanced 40 mins6 videos

Static Code Analysis and Continuous Testing

Entry 35 mins6 videos

Understand the Basics of Docker

Entry 35 mins7 videos

Describe the Tenets of the 12-Factor App

Intermediate 28 mins14 videos

Effective Logging and Threat Protection

Intermediate 30 mins6 videos

Explain Data Privacy and How To Secure Data

Intermediate 46 mins6 videos

Automate Cisco IOS-XE Devices with RESTCONF

Intermediate 39 mins5 videos

Network Automation with Ansible & Puppet

Intermediate 49 mins8 videos

Understand Network Automation & Configuration Management Solutions

Intermediate 43 mins5 videos

Host Applications on Cisco Networking Devices

Intermediate 19 mins6 videos
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