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Cisco H.323 and SIP Training FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this H.323 and SIP Cisco collaboration training?

This course focuses on one topic: the differences between using H.323 or SIP on a Cisco collaboration network. Will you opt for implementing H.323, the a telephony-based call routing protocol or is the internet-based, URL-directed data transfer SIP the better option? This course teaches which to use, when, and how to configure both.

Who should take this Cisco H.323 and SIP course?

Collaboration administrators and collaboration network engineers should take this course on the differences between H.323 and SIP. Even field service representatives and help desk personnel might want to take this course and learn how Cisco networks process H.323 and SIP information differently and what to do if you ever need to troubleshoot the protocols.

Is this training in H.323 and SIP on Cisco collaboration networks associated with any certifications?

Not directly, no. Most Cisco certifications are going to take several weeks or even several months to prepare for – this H.323 and SIP course is not nearly that long. You can use this course to help you prepare for Cisco collaboration certifications, but it's focused on practical knowledge using the protocols, not passing a test.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in configuring H.323 and SIP?

After you finish this H.323 and SIP course, you might want to consider the certifications in Cisco's Collaboration family. If you're very early in your career, the CCT collaboration can help you learn if the subject is a good fit for you. More experienced administrators and engineers should aim for the CCNP Collaboration.

Why should you take this H.323 and SIP in Cisco training?

You should take this course that explains the differences and opportunities between the two collaboration protocols because despite being about the same age, they're still in fierce competition for the most stable and mature protocol. Mastering them makes you a more flexible administrator when it comes to implementing collaboration solutions and more valuable to companies who depend on them.
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