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Cisco CCT Collaboration (100-890 CLTECH) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the CCT Collaboration worth it?

If you're an entry-level IT professional, or a student who wants to land your first job with a large, Cisco-powered network, the CCT Collaboration is absolutely worth it. But the CCT Collaboration can also be a worthwhile investment for late-career professionals. Maybe you're an IT professional who needs to fill gaps in their knowledge, or you're a manager who wants to gain a basic understanding of the technology your subordinates work.

How much does the CCT Collaboration (100-890 CLTECH) cost?

The CCT Collaboration costs $125. The cost of the CCT Collaboration comes entirely from the registration cost for its one exam: 100-890 CLTECH. There are no prerequisite certifications to earn or Cisco courses or classes you need to attend. If you're not sure you're ready to pass the exam on your first try, you should add the cost of training and preparation to that.

Is the Cisco CCT Collaboration exam difficult?

No, as far as IT certifications go, the CCT Collaboration isn't especially challenging. The credential itself is an entry-level introduction to onsite support and maintenance of Cisco collaboration endpoints and environments. That means that highly experienced network administrators would probably find it an easy exam. However, brand-new support techs or tech support specialists should probably prepare ahead of time.

Does the Cisco CCT Collaboration expire?

Yes, the CCT Collaboration expires three years from the date it was earned. If maintaining the certification is necessary for your position or compliance reasons, there are many options available for renewing it. You can renew the CCT Collaboration by just passing its exam again. But it will automatically renew when you earn a CCNA or pass any Cisco Specialist exam, it also renews if you pass a CCNP Concentration exam or any higher level of Cisco cert.

How to study for the 100-890 CLTECH (CCT Collaboration) exam?

Cisco developed the CCT series of certifications so that employers can trust that their brand new, entry-level service technicians are comfortable with Cisco tech from Day 1. That means that studying facts won't be enough to prepare for the CCT Collaboration exam: you'll want to find ways to actually practice what you're studying about. Either in a real network environment or in a virtual sim, study for the 100-890 by finding ways to manage and configure Cisco collaboration tech.
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