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How to Configure Cisco WLC HA and AP HA FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco high availability training?

This course covers how to configure wireless LAN controllers and their downline access points to be optimized for high availability. The wireless LAN controller (WLC) and access points (AP) work alongside one another to provide network access to devices looking for the network, and properly configured you can guarantee highly available access.

Who should take this wireless LAN controller and access point configuration course?

Network administrators and network engineers working with Cisco should take this course, as well as wireless network technicians who need to help maintain a wireless network. If any part of your job involves providing network access (large or small) that can't afford to ever be offline or jittery, you should take this WLC HA course.

Is this training in Cisco high availability for WLCs associated with any certifications?

Although this course is meant to help learners prepare for Cisco certification, it's not directly associated with any specific exam. The topic of high availability configuration on WLCs and APs is a topic that many of Cisco's certifications and certification exams test for, so this course isn't just valuable for on-the-job knowledge but also eventually certifying.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in wireless LAN controller and access point configuration?

If you're at a point in your career where you configure high availability on wireless LAN controllers and access points, you should consider the CCNP Enterprise. The skills you learn from this WLC and AP HA course apply to parts of the CCNP Enterprise core exam, and large sections of two of its concentration exams.

Why should you take this Cisco WLC and AP high availability training?

Learning the big ideas of high availability, hardware redundancy and failover states is important no matter where in IT you work. You should take this course if the CCNP Enterprise is in your future, or you'd like to show off by being the person who optimized all the network's access points for high availability.
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