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Advanced Network Automation with Cisco and Python FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this advanced network automation course in Cisco and Python?

In this advanced network automation course, you learn everything about network automation in Cisco – from the benefits of bringing automation and programmability to your network, all the way to the actual tools and APIs necessary for doing so. This course specifically focuses on using Python to extend and automate Cisco operations, so you'll learn more about the Python language, but especially the libraries and virtual environments that can be used to automate network configuration tasks on Cisco.

Why should you take this advanced network automation course?

You should take this network automation course if for your job you do any part of network operations or network application development. If nothing else, learning network automation can save you time and free you from the most tedious and unpleasant parts of your job. At best, taking this course in advanced network automation on Cisco networks can be a force multiplier, showing you how to enhance everyone's productivity without any manual inputs from you.

Is this advanced network automation course associated with a certification?

No, this course in advanced network automation on Cisco networks with Cisco isn't associated with any specific certification. Cisco offers associate-level, professional and expert-level certifications in automating network operations and management, but this course wasn't designed to specifically address those exams' objectives. You'll be better prepared for those certification exams after this course, but you won't be completely ready.

What certifications should I be considering after taking this advanced network automation course?

After you take this course in advanced network automation with Python on Cisco networks, you should consider further training and study to prepare for the DevNet Associate, DevNet Professional or DevNet Expert certifications from Cisco. If you don't already have any of them, the DevNet Associate is the place you should start – this course will help you with its only exam: 200-901 DEVASC. You'll already know a lot about developing applications and automating workflows in Cisco, which that exam tests you on.

Who should take this course in advanced network automation?

The audience for this course is advanced network automation is huge: anyone who develops or maintains applications built on Cisco platforms. If you work as a developer – or if you want to someday – this course can help you build more responsive and efficient apps. In addition to that, network automation engineers and network designers will benefit from the skills and knowledge in automating network operations and configuration.
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