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Data Center Networking with Cisco Nexus Switches FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco Nexus switches training?

In this course, you'll learn how to plan, install, set up, implement, manage and troubleshoot a data center network using Nexus switches from Cisco. You'll learn how to read and write with standard and advanced routing and networking protocols like OSPF, BGP, multicast, STP and much more.

Why should you take this course on Cisco Nexus switches?

You should take this course if you ever hope to implement an enterprise network. Not everyone has to deal with the advanced configurations necessary for setting up an enterprise network and keeping it running, but if you do - with this course, you'll know how to do it right.

Is this Cisco data center networking training associated with a certification?

No, this course in Cisco data center networking wasn't developed with any particular certification in mind. Many of Cisco's enterprise-related certifications cover topics like EIGRP and OSPF, which you learn on this course, but this course doesn't follow the map of any particular exam's topics.

What certification should you be thinking about after taking this course in Cisco Nexus switches?

After taking this course, you might consider preparing for the CCNA or the CCNP Enterprise, depending on your level of experience. Both certifications' exams cover network architecture and virtualization more thoroughly than this course, but you'll be ready for large portions of the infrastructure and automation portions.

Who should take this Cisco data center networking course?

The best audience for this course is network administrators, network engineers and network planners who deal with Cisco equipment on a regular basis. Anyone who wants to better understand enterprise network functionality and management should be thinking about taking this course in advanced management.
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