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How to use Postman and Python for Data Center Automation FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this data center automation training?

This course covers hours and hours of content in programming in Python and connecting those programs to data center operations via APIs secured with Postman. You'll learn valuable coding skills that help make sure your programs are ready for interfacing with other technology and how to find, read and manipulate APIs with Postman.

Who should take this Postman and Python for automation course?

Data center administrators should plan on taking this course, as should data center engineers, programmers, and even DevOps specialists. Basically, anyone who has a hand in data center operations should take this course – learn how to write code in Python that automates data center operations, and how to tie multiple programs and tech together with Postman.

Is this training in automating data centers with Postman and Python associated with any certifications?

This data center automation course is focused on automating the behavior of Cisco hardware and software with Postman and Python, but it's not specifically designed to help with any specific certifications. The deep level of familiarity you'll get with data center operations and Cisco tech will help with many certification exams, however.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Postman and Python data center automation?

You should consider a Cisco certification in Data Center operations and management after this course in Postman and Python. The CCNP Data Center is a big, long certification that only has a small section dedicated to automation but you'll learn enough about data center administration in this course to help with it.

Why should you take this data center automation training?

You should take this course in combining Postman and Python for your data center automation because even if you already feel really comfortable with programming in Python, none of that is useful if you can't get your program interacting with all the other programs, devices and technology running your data center.
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