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CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the CompTIA Network+ worth it?

Yes, the Network+ is definitely worth it. The CompTIA Network+ is worth it because out of all the IT certifications, it’s one of the only ones that doesn’t test you on specifics about a piece of hardware or certain software. The Network+ tests you on the skills necessary for configuring and managing networks. Other certifications test you on one piece of technology, but the Network+ is worth it because it covers all networks and technologies.

How much does the CompTIA Network+ cost?

The Network+ certification from CompTIA costs $338. The certification exam for the Network+ is N10-008 -- it’s a 90-question, 90-minute exam with a passing score of 720 out of 900, and it costs $338. There are no prerequisites for the Network+ and you can take it any time you feel ready. That means that as long as you can pass the Network+ exam on the first try, its total cost will be $338 plus any training or courses you decide to take.

Is the Network+ difficult?

Yes, the Network+ is fairly difficult. Since the Network+ has a vendor-agnostic focus, it’s more difficult than other entry-level network certification exams. Other networking certifications might focus on a specific piece of hardware or software -- and for those you can focus on memorizing exactly how to configure those devices. The Network+ is difficult because you need to know general network administration concepts as well as demonstrate skills regardless of vendor.

Does the CompTIA Network+ expire?

Yes, the CompTIA Network+ expires -- three years after you take the certifying exam. All of CompTIA’s certifying exams expire after three years because CompTIA wants to keep the course’s material updated with changing trends and technology. The CompTIA Network+ may expire three years after your test date, but you can recertify with continuing education, taking the test again, or earning a higher certification.

How should I study for the Network+?

You should study for the Network+ with high-quality materials that don’t just explain networking concepts clearly but give you lots of opportunities to reinforce what you're learning. That’s why the best way to study for the Network+ is to periodically test your knowledge by using practice exams that are similar to the CompTIA Network+ exam you'll be taking.
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