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Cisco UCS Essentials FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco UCS training?

You'll learn what a Unified Computing System even means, how UCS provides network solutions, how to configure advanced storage networking, set-up service profiles, and even how to use hyperconvergence. You'll learn everything from the basics to the advanced configurations of the data center server computer product line from Cisco.

Who should take this Cisco UCS essentials course?

Server administrators, network planners and network engineers should seriously consider this Cisco UCS course. If your network is already powered by Cisco equipment, you can learn what UCS can do to improve it. If not, you can find out the potentials that are waiting if you ever transition to Cisco.

Is this training in Cisco UCS associated with any certifications?

No, although this training was originally written to help learners prepare for the CCNP Data Center 642-999 DCUCI exam, Cisco retired that exam in July, 2017. The CCNP Data Center is still a valid certification, but Cisco has already gone through two exams since 642-999 was retired.

What certification should you consider after taking this course on Cisco UCS?

After taking this course, if you find the material is on-par with your work experience and helpful to your job, you should consider earning the CCNP Data Center. You'll want to take courses to prepare for that certification specifically, but this course will give you a strong foundation.

Why should you take this Cisco UCS essentials training?

Not every company stays up to date with every new version and release from Cisco. Legacy networks are often operating on dated software and hardware, and sometimes being trained in the most cutting-edge technology isn't helpful. You should take this training if your network equipment is from about 2015-2017.
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