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The initial goal for most malicious actors is network access. From there, they can inject packets, scan for hosts, and do what they want. It’s the job of network security professionals to keep attackers out, detect breaches, and limit what hackers can do if they get in. If it weren’t enough to have to defend your network against external threats, network security professionals also need to control what’s happening inside their network. After all, the greatest threat to security are actually the users.

Security is one of the most sought after skills you can have in IT right now — particularly network security. There’s quite a bit of network security training baked into entry-level networking training, so If you have a few years of general IT experience or a foundational networking certifications you probably have the basics down. Whether you have that baseline or not, you can jump right into this network security training.

Network security training can help IT professionals advance into security-based roles including security technician or engineer, network designer, and network administrator.


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