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Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Border Gateway Protocol training?

You'll learn everything about using, configuring and troubleshooting Border Gateway Protocol from this course. This is not a course of casual overviews or shallow information, you'll dive deep into the actual BGP configurations a network engineer on a large network needs to know. You'll learn to actually deploy and configure Border Gateway Protocol from this course, preparing you for advanced network engineering and even network architecting roles.

Why take this Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) training?

Anyone who works on large networks should take this Border Gateway Protocol because it delivers the knowledge and skills necessary for getting network traffic interfaced with autonomous systems. You should take this BGP training because misconfiguring Border Gateway Protocol on network devices can lead to expensive and messy network problems or can even lead to a total halt of network operations and with this training you can make sure traffic gets to where it belongs.

Is this Border Gateway Protocol course associated with a certification?

No, this BGP course doesn't prepare you for any particular certification. This Border Gateway Protocol course was developed independently of any specific certification and instead is designed to provide a network engineer with a thorough understanding of BGP's intricacies. So although this course isn't associated with a certification, it can help you prepare for advanced certifications that test knowledge of enterprise routing, switching and networking, as those will feature BGP.

Why do we use Border Gateway Protocol?

We use Border Gateway Protocol because it's an international standard for autonomous systems all over the Internet to discover one another and exchange routing information. In other words, we all use BGP because everyone uses BGP. BGP is like the Post Office – it's the globally agreed-upon method for entire networks to find one another and make sure that no emails, webpages, data or traffic gets lost along the way.

Who should take this Border Gateway Protocol course?

Anyone who needs mastery over basic and advanced BGP configurations should take this course. If any part of your job is understanding and manipulating the paths that data takes while it transits your network, you should take this BGP course. This course covers everything from fundamental BGP configurations like forming neighbors to advanced configurations like redistributing OMP into BGP while deploying BGP in software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs).
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