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SD-WAN Architecture: How to Deploy Cisco SD-WAN Controllers FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco SD-WAN deployment training?

This course on deploying SD-WAN controllers in Cisco environments teaches you to take full responsibility for the operations of the devices on a Cisco network that make sure data gets where it belongs even when people aren't physically plugged into the network. This course gives you first-hand experience deploying and managing SD-WANs on a Cisco network.

Who should take this SD-WAN deployment and configuration course?

If any part of your job is dealing with network virtualization, software-defined networking, or VPNs, you should take this course. If you're an early-career IT or networking professional and you'd like to eventually move into virtualization and SD-WAN management, you should take this course and prepare for that career move.

Is this training in Cisco SD-WAN deployment associated with any certifications?

Not directly, no, this course on deploying SD-WAN controllers on Cisco networks isn't associated with any certifications. But knowing how to deploy SD-WAN controllers is a crucial part of some of Cisco's more advanced certifications, plus this course should be a part of the training plan for someone who could end up managing the controllers on an SD-WAN.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in SD-WAN deployment on Cisco networks?

The Cisco certification that deals the most with understanding and deploying SD-WAN controllers is the CCNP Enterprise. That's a huge certification that requires months of preparation, but after this course you'll have the SD-WAN controller deployment sections covered. The more common, less challenging, CCNA doesn't actually test knowledge of managing or deploying SD-WAN controllers.

Why should you take this Cisco SD-WAN controller deployment training?

If any part of your current job deals with Cisco SD-WAN controller deployment, you already know why you should take this course. Anyone who could ever need to understand why their SD-WAN controllers aren't automatically managing edge devices properly should take this course and be the person in the shop who can troubleshoot their SD-WAN.

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