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Cisco CCNP Collaboration (300-815 CLACCM) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this CCNP Collaboration training?

You'll learn advanced call control and how to administer mobility services on a campus network. This course covers signaling and media protocols, using CME and SRST gateway technologies, configuring the Cisco Unified Board Element, administering call control and dial planning, as well as implementing mobility and the Cisco Unified CM call control.

Who should take this 300-815 CLACCM course?

Anyone who's specifically interested in collaboration administration should seriously consider this course. Cisco manufactures some of the world's most versatile and robust communication technologies, and if you want a career in connecting the dots between your organization's needs and all the possibilities Cisco has, this course can help you get there.

Is this training in CCNP Collaboration (300-815 CLACCM) associated with any certifications?

Yes, this course is designed for one specific certification exam: the 300-815 CLACCM. Technically, you don't need to take the 300-815 CLACCM in order to earn the CCNP Collaboration. It's one of the five concentration exams you can choose from. The 300-815 CLACCM focuses on implementing Cisco advanced call control and mobility services.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in implementing Cisco advanced call control and mobility services?

This course is specially designed to prepare you for the 300-815 CLACCM exam, Cisco's advanced call control and mobility administration exam. If you're already pursuing such a specialized and focused skillset, you should probably just go on and earn the CCNP Collaboration, which only takes one mandatory exam in addition to the 300-815 CLACCM.

Why should you take this 300-815 CLACCM training?

If your organization relies on Cisco for its collaboration tech and your company needs someone who can consolidate a communications infrastructure into a scalable, portable and secure collaboration solution, you should take this 300-815 CLACCM. Learn to administer and configure all of Cisco's collaboration tech and services with this course.
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