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Knox Hutchinson
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How to Troubleshoot the BGP Protocol FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this BGP troubleshooting training?

You'll learn how to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with your BGP so that you can get to the bottom of why your peers aren't exchanging routing information like you want them to or what's wrong with your reachability information. You won't just hear or read about it, though, you'll practice the actual skills of troubleshooting BGP.

Who should take this troubleshooting BGP course?

Most networking professionals for organizations that support enterprise or campus-level networks should take this course. BGP is fundamental to the operations of any network that coordinates with or connects ISPs, so if you work for a network of that scale (or would like to someday) learning to troubleshoot BGP is a wise career step.

Is this training in troubleshooting BGP associated with any certifications?

This is a relatively short course that focuses only on teaching BGP and what can affect its normal operations so that an administrator can troubleshoot it quickly and accurately. Certifications don't cover skills that narrow, but BGP troubleshooting is part of many certifications, which is what makes it a good addition to networking learning plans.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in troubleshooting border gateway protocol?

You should probably consider the CCNP Enterprise after taking this BGP troubleshooting course. The CCNP Enterprise has a substantial and challenging certification exam and it covers many more topics than just troubleshooting advanced routing protocols. But if BGP troubleshooting is part of your job duties, the CCNP Enterprise will help you in your career.

Why should you take this BGP troubleshooting training?

You should take this BGP troubleshooting training for all the first-hand practice you get actually doing troubleshooting on a simulated network. There are tons of technical articles and boring flowcharts online, but only CBT Nuggets has virtual sims like these: you can actually practice what you're learning about troubleshooting BGP in a simulated network environment.
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