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Routing and Switching Troubleshooting Online Training


Keith Barker


Routing and Switching Troubleshooting Online Training

In this intermediate Cisco skills training, Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira will advance network engineers' knowledge about troubleshooting networks. While this troubleshooting skill isn't mapped to a certification exam, it's still valuable training for networking professionals.

Troubleshooting is among the most difficult things to learn in any technical career field. That’s particularly true with networking. You need to know how the application, device, or network component works with every other component in the system. Luckily, there are common steps you can take to ferret out the smallest problem on the largest problem. If you learn them, not only will you make your life easier, you’ll also be well-positioned to jump into systems engineer roles.

Once you're done with this Cisco skills training, you'll know how to troubleshoot routing and switching technologies, such as VLAN troubleshooting, solving EIGRP adjacency failures, and routing redistribution. You’ll also learn the theory and the practical steps for ensuring success in actual network troubleshooting, as well as success in all levels of professional Cisco certifications.

For managers with Cisco products, this Cisco training can be used to onboard new networking professionals, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Cisco reference resource.

Routing and Switching Troubleshooting: What You Need to Know

For any network engineer looking to improve their proficiency with network infrastructure, this Cisco course covers topics such as:

  • Troubleshooting spanning tree protocols
  • Troubleshooting frame relay
  • Resolving EIGRP adjacency failures
  • Troubleshooting OSPF
  • Troubleshooting BGP
  • Troubleshooting in Cisco Routing and Switching exams

Who Should Take Routing and Switching Troubleshooting Training?

This Routing and Switching Troubleshooting training is considered engineer-level Cisco training, which means it was designed for network engineers. This troubleshooting networks skills course is designed for network engineers with three to five years of experience with network infrastructure.

New or aspiring network administrators. Effective troubleshooting is an important skill in network engineering. As a result, developing strong troubleshooting skills early on in your career supporting Cisco equipment can jumpstart your career. In this training, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot routing and switching problems like VLANs issues, EIGRP adjacency failures, and routing redistribution.

Experienced network engineers. If you’ve been working as a network engineer for some time, it can be easy to dismiss troubleshooting as a junior task -- something only done by IT staff with fewer years of experience. But that’s misguided: excellent troubleshooting requires deep knowledge and educated intuition that only comes with training and experience. With this training, you’ll know how to diagnose any routing and switching errors on your network, and how to fix it.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Troubleshoot Layer 2 Cisco Switching Technologies

    Intermediate3 hrs 41 mins8 videos
  • Troubleshoot Cisco Routing Protocols and Technologies

    Intermediate4 hrs 17 mins10 videos
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