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Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions (300-510 SPRI) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Why should you take this advanced routing course?

The best reason to take this course is if you plan on earning the CCNP Service Provider, since this course covers all the material you need to know in order to pass the concentration exam: 300-510 SPRI. But even if you're not planning on earning the CCNP Service Provider, you should take this course and learn about how BGP, MPLS, and IPv6 get implemented and managed in large network environments.

Is the CCNP Service Provider worth it?

The CCNP Service Provider is a thorough, challenging and specialized certification – it's not worth it for everyone. However, for IT professionals with specific experience or career goals, it's absolutely a worthwhile investment. Service provider routing solutions are some of the most particular in the networking world, and learning to master them is a niche talent. Earning the CCNP Service Provider proves your readiness to administer and manage complex service provider networks.

How much does it cost to earn the CCNP Service Provider?

It costs at least $700 to earn the CCNP Service Provider, but it usually ends up costing more than that. Earning the CCNP Service Provider requires passing two exams: the core exam (350-501 SPCOR) costs $400, and a concentration exam (all four of which cost $300). There are no prerequisites for the CCNP Service Provider, but the CCNA is strongly recommended, and that cert costs $300 before training and prep.

How difficult are the CCNP Service Provider exams?

The CCNP Service Provider certification exams are challenging. The core exam and the concentration exams are all skills-focused exams, and the skills they're testing for are specialized familiarity with advanced protocols, tools and use cases. For example, passing 300-510 SPRI (Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions) requires proving a thorough understanding of advanced unicast and multicast routing protocols and operations, routing policy and manipulation, and MPLS and segment routing.

What exactly are advanced routing solutions?

Advanced routing solutions refers to optimizing protocols like BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and IPv6 in designing, implementing and troubleshooting routing infrastructures in service provider environments. Skills related to advanced routing solutions include navigating complex network architectures, integrating emerging technologies, and applying best practices to meet evolving service provider demands. Scalable and efficient routing solutions in high-demand, dynamic networks are the goal of advanced routing solutions.
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