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Cisco Data Center Automation, Orchestration, and Scripting FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is Cisco data center orchestration?

A Cisco data center is a centralized facility where computing and networking resources (Cisco hardware and software) are co-located in order to improve efficiency, speed and reliability. Cisco data center orchestration is a process of using code and specialized technology to automatically provision, configure and monitor that hardware and software, as well as their operations. Cisco data center orchestration simplifies and optimizes the maintenance and operations of a data center.

What operations are included in automated Cisco data center operations?

Operations that can be automated and scripted in a Cisco data center include anything that goes into setting up and adjusting servers, storage, and networks. That can include hardware and software set-up, configuring settings, or performance monitoring. Nearly any task that can be done remotely or digitally in a data center can be automated, including server deployment, software updates, network configurations, security protocols implementation, and metrics gathering and analysis.

Is it worth it to learn Cisco data center automation and orchestration?

Yes, it's absolutely worth learning to automate Cisco data center operations. The ability to automate tasks, orchestrate components and script data center behavior is valuable because those tasks must get done, and the only alternative to automating them is to hire individuals to accomplish those tasks. So every task you can automate is money saved for an employer, and that makes you a very competitive hire.

Is this Cisco data center automation course associated with any certifications?

No, this is a short course on Cisco data center automation and isn't designed to prepare you for any particular certification. But just because it's not specially made as certification prep doesn't mean the information won't help you with Cisco certifications. This short course dives deep into configuration management, navigating Linux and using shells and containers, and those skills are reflected in many of Cisco's associate- and professional-level certifications.

Is this Cisco data center automation training good for beginners?

No, this data center automation course probably isn't suitable for newcomers without any experience in data center administration. Just like you wouldn't recommend a professional bakery management course to someone who just wants to bake a loaf of bread, this course is better for administrators already acquainted with Cisco data center operations. This course is best for administrators with existing skills to deepen and who have daily routines that can be automated.
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