Basic NX-OS Commands

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How to Become a Data Center Technician: Cisco Nexus and Cisco UCS Overview FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is Data Center Technician a good first job?

Yes, data center technician is usually a good place to get started if you want to do more in IT but don't know where to start. Frankly, any IT job that includes "technician" isn't usually very glamorous or exciting – but it does give you tons of experience with real-world, hands-on skills. With that knowledge and experience, you can specialize your skills and knowledge into the field of IT you want a career in.

How long does it take to become a Cisco certified technician?

The time it takes to become certified as a Cisco certified technician depends on three things: how much prior experience and training you have, how easily technical subjects come to you, and how much time you can spend studying. If you're a fast study of technical details and have several hours a day, you could finish learning about how network devices, media and protocols control network communications in a couple of weeks.

What are Cisco Nexus and Cisco UCS and what do they do?

Cisco Nexus and Cisco UCS are two pieces of hardware developed by Cisco for managing networks and the traffic on them. Cisco Nexus is a specialized switch – a device that acts like a traffic controller, helping devices send data where it belongs. Cisco UCS stands for Unified Computing System – it's a powerful central control device for managing many different servers at once, helping organize and control different parts of a smart network.

Should I earn the easiest Cisco certification or should I try for the CCNA?

Cisco offers two pre-career, entry-level certifications called the Cisco Certified Support Technician (one in cybersecurity, one in networking) for newcomers to IT. Their more robust early-career cert is the CCNA. If you don't have the months or resources necessary to prepare for the CCNA, go with the shorter, simpler CCSTs. When they help you land a technician role, you can spend time on the job learning and preparing for the CCNA.

What's the first Cisco course I should take?

The best early-career Cisco course for you depends on your level of IT experience and knowledge. If you're coming to IT with no familiarity at all, then this course on becoming a data center technician will help you grasp the fundamentals of Cisco devices and their operating systems. However, if you've already got some background in technical aspects of network management, you might consider a more advanced CCNA preparation course.
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