Intro to Building a Firepower Lab on an ESXi Host

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Cisco Firepower FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is FTD and FMC?

FTD and FMC are Cisco security applications and management dashboards for enterprise-grade networks by Cisco. FTD stands for Firepower Threat Defense and is a security software image that combines the Cisco ASA and Firepower software into one component. FMC stands for Firewall Management Center and is a management application for Cisco security products.

What is difference between firepower and ASA?

The difference between Firepower and ASA Cisco Security products is the features included with each appliance. Cisco purchased Sourcefire in 2013 and converted that product to Cisco Firepower. As a result, Cisco Firepower features more advanced IPS features. Though Cisco still offers both products, the ASA-only line of products is slowly being phased out.

What is Cisco FMC and FTD?

Cisco FMC and FTD are security firewall appliances and a piece of management software, respectively. FTD stands for Firepower Threat Detection and is an advanced security appliance that combines both ASA and Firepower Cisco security applications. FMC stands for Firewall Management Console and is a dashboard for configuring and managing Cisco security appliances.

What is Cisco IPS Device?

A Cisco IPS device is an intrusion prevention system that can perform a deep-packet inspection to prevent a wide range of network attacks. An IPS device can be considered a device like an ASA or Firepower enabled firewall appliance.

What is Cisco firepower user agent for Active Directory?

The Cisco Firepower user agent for Active Directory is a passive authentication method that the Cisco Firepower enabled firewall appliances use to authenticate users. The Active Directory user agent uses Active Directory to identify user accounts and monitor those accounts for activity on the network.
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