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Advanced Cisco Network Security: How to Configure Network Infrastructure Security FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Cisco advanced network infrastructure configuration training?

In this advanced Cisco network security course, you'll learn an elevated way to think about and apply cybersecurity. If you imagine normal cybersecurity like locking your door and closing your windows at night, this network infrastructure security course is like researching what neighborhood to live in and keeping an ear on a police scanner.

Who should take this advanced Cisco network security configuration course?

Network security professionals who want to move their careers away from highly specific and technical aspects like configurations and policies and toward bigger picture skills like planning, infrastructure and secure network design should take this course. It's still highly technical, but you'll learn broader, all-encompassing skills related to network security.

Is this training in Cisco advanced network infrastructure configuration associated with any certifications?

If you're currently preparing for a professional-level Cisco certification, this course on advanced network infrastructure security will definitely help you, but the course wasn't developed with a certification in mind. That means you'll be spending your time in virtual sims learning practical skills that are actually useful the very next day, not memorizing test questions.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in advanced Cisco network security configuration course?

Once you're done with this network infrastructure security course, a certification can stand for your newfound skills in advanced security planning measures. The CCNP Security is probably going to be your best bet – network infrastructure plays a relatively small role in that exam, but the skills you'll learn here will transfer well.

Why should you take this Cisco advanced network infrastructure configuration training?

You should take this advanced network infrastructure security configuration course because it covers some of the most interesting parts of a cybersecurity job and challenges you to think laterally with them. From device hardening to authenticating EIGRP neighbor relationships, take this course and you'll be the one in the office who understands the most complicated procedures and protocols.
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