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Cisco CCNP Collaboration Core (350-801 CLCOR) v1.1 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this collaboration technology administration training?

You'll learn skills and knowledge necessary for advanced-level roles working on implementing and operating Cisco collaboration solutions on a host of different solutions, tools and technologies. You'll learn about infrastructure and design, protocols, codecs and endpoints while practicing administration and configuration of Cisco tech like IOS XE gateway for media resources, call control, QoS and more.

Who should take this Cisco collaboration core technology administration course?

This is an advanced course meant for experienced collaboration professionals. It's available to new professionals, but it isn't intended to be an introduction to collaboration administration. You should take this course if diving deep into a wide range of skills administering Cisco collaboration solutions is what you need to advance your career.

Is this training in implementing Cisco core collaboration technologies associated with any certifications?

Yes, in addition to preparing collaboration administrators for greater responsibilities, this course matches up with the CCNP Collaboration core exam 350-801 CLCOR v1.1. The 350-801 CLCOR v1.1 covers six major topics of collaboration administration, and this course prepares you for each: infrastructure and design; protocols, codecs and endpoints; IOS XE Gateway; call control; QoS; and Collaboration Applications.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in implementing Cisco core collaboration technologies?

You should plan on earning the CCNP Collaboration after you take this course in Cisco collaboration administration. This course will prepare you for the 350-801 CLCOR core exam, but that's only half the requirements for earning the CCNP Collaboration. You'll also have to pass at least one concentration exam in a collaboration administration specialty of your choice.

Why should you take this Cisco collaboration technology administration training?

You should take this collaboration tech administration training if you plan on earning the CCNP Collaboration. It covers each topic on 350-801 CLCOR and prepares you quickly and thoroughly. But maybe you just need to understand how to implement or operate a handful of Cisco collaboration solutions – pick and choose which videos you watch and learn only what you need.
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