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How to use Hierarchical Network Design to Design Advanced Campus Networks FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this campus network design training?

You'll learn how to divide a particularly large network into discrete layers so that each layer can perform specific functions and free up network resources for all the other devices and layers within the network. Advanced campus networks that don't use hierarchical network design ("flat design") will eventually fail, and this course helps you prevent that.

Who should take this hierarchical campus network design course?

This course is open to anyone whose job would be improved with an understanding of hierarchical network design, but it's best for network engineers or architects with experience managing large networks. If you plan on designing campus networks that take advantage of software defined architectures and hierarchical resource allocation, you should take this course.

Is this training in hierarchical network design associated with any certifications?

No, network design certifications tend to be very broad and extremely in-depth, and this course on hierarchical network design is limited in scope. It isn't directly associated with any certifications because the material on this course doesn't cover other topics of network design like hardware selection, implementation planning or network analysis.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in advanced campus network design?

Network design certifications are often so advanced they require years of experience. The CCDE certification program from Cisco, for instance, has a written exam that covers design, technologies, business requirement translation and implementation strategies, and its practical exam is 8 hours long. This course gives a small taste of what you'll find on those tests.

Why should you take this advanced hierarchical campus network design training?

You should take this course on hierarchical network design because it's not just a good idea – hierarchical network design is an industry-wide best practice. If you want to be taken seriously as a network designer, you need to understand how reliable, scalable and cost-effective networks work when dealing with sprawling, advanced campus networks.
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