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Knox Hutchinson

Intro to Business Intelligence

by Knox Hutchinson, 12 videos

Businesses generate a lot of data. Learn how business intelligence analysts turn that data into actionable business insights with Power BI, Tableau, and SQL.

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Keith Barker

Intro to Cybersecurity

by Keith Barker, 7 videos

IT security is a growing field. Learn what it's really like to be in security, the tools that keep organizations safe, and the path to entering this growing field.

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Garth Schulte

Intro to Systems Administration

by Garth Schulte, 11 videos

Sysadmins are the jack of all trades for any company. Learn the common tasks, tools, and certifications associated with keeping a business system working.

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Ben Finkel

Intro to Programming

by Ben Finkel, 11 videos

There's a huge shortage of software developers. Learn how to choose your language and how to develop those skills enough to land your first job.

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Bart Castle

Intro to Cloud Technologies

by Bart Castle, 12 videos

Most companies now have at least one cloud service. Learn what people mean by the "cloud," the services available, and how to become a cloud specialist.

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Anthony Sequeira

Intro to Desktop Support

by Anthony Sequeira, 12 videos

Many IT professionals start in Desktop Support. Learn how to enter the career field, what you'll need to know, and what comes next after the help desk.

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Shawn Powers

Intro to DevOps

by Shawn Powers, 12 videos

DevOps is the bridge between IT and development. Learn how this career field has grown, what skills you need, and how to find your first DevOps job.

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Jacob Moran

Intro to Virtualization

by Jacob Moran, 12 videos

Resources are increasingly moving away from "bare metal" and into the cloud. Learn what virtualization means, how it changed IT, and how to enter this field.

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Garth Schulte

Intro to Databases

by Garth Schulte, 11 videos

Computers and humans interact with data differently. Learn how databases work, what tools manage and retrieve data, and why this career field is so important.

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Keith Barker

Intro to Networking

by Keith Barker, 14 videos

The internet is one big network. Learn how data travels across a network, how to control that flow of data, and what to expect as a network specialist.

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