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F5 Application Delivery Fundamentals (Exam 101) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is learning the fundamentals of F5 application delivery worth it?

Yes, application delivery is an essential component of modern IT infrastructures, and F5's hardware and software is especially worth learning. Taking this course in understanding and managing F5 technology will teach you how to optimize app performance, enhance security, and maintain a network's high availability. Afterwards, you'll be prepared to actually implement those advanced features for your current job, and you'll also open doors to different career opportunities and promotions.

Who should take this application delivery fundamentals course?

The ideal audience for this Exam 101 course includes IT professionals, network administrators, system administrators, and anyone else who manages or optimizes the delivery of applications in a network environment. Even if your company doesn't use F5 products, this course is full of valuable knowledge and skills. And if your network does use F5 technology, you'll want to plan on earning the F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator (F5-CA) certification, and Exam 101 is a mandatory prerequisite for it.

Why would someone take a course on F5 application delivery fundamentals?

This course isn't simply a lecture about F5 technology. A course like this is an essential part of professional development – by taking it, you're putting career opportunities in the field of advanced network administration and application delivery within reach. You also enhance your skills with F5 products, which are used by enterprises all over the world to improve application delivery and security. Last, you learn how to optimize any network's performance, ensure high availability and improve security.

Is this course on F5 application delivery fundamentals associated with any certifications?

Yes, this course is designed to help you prepare for Exam 101 - Application Delivery Fundamentals, which is the foundation exam for all of F5's certifications. Passing Exam 101 proves that you can perform day-to-day management of application delivery networks (ADNs) and are able to work with F5 products and technologies. You don't technically earn a credential after passing Exam 101, but it proves you're ready to pursue further certification tracks into more specialized application delivery skills.

How much does the F5 Exam 101 Application Delivery Fundamentals certification exam cost?

Passing Exam 101 from F5 doesn't technically earn you a credential, however the exam itself is a prerequisite for the subsequent certifications in the F5 track (for example, F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator). At the time of this writing, each F5 certification exam costs $135, so in order to earn the first F5 certification, you'll need to pay at least $270, for Exam 101 Application Delivery Fundamentals and the cert exam of your choice.
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