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Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management platform (CRM) that allows organizations to build stronger relationships with customers and potential leads. For the last few years, Salesforce has been transitioning users from its Classic platform to its Lightning platform.

With each release, Salesforce Lightning becomes more stable and moves closer to being the default...

Salesforce Skill Courses

Job-focused training

All CBT Nuggets Salesforce training videos have embedded quizzes that ensure learners are engaged in the content and retain the most useful information. If organizations need to transition to Salesforce Lightning, our Salesforce training courses can make the process easier for IT pros and end users.

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  • Salesforce Classic is Dead — and It’s Going to Be Okay

    The beginning of the end of Salesforce Classic is near. We’ve been saying that for a while, but now it’s getting real. If you purchased certain Salesforce licenses after July 2018, you never knew Classic.

  • Salesforce Classic is (Almost) Officially Dead

    Slowly but surely (and somewhat sneakily), Salesforce has been pushing users toward Salesforce Lightning. Classic is still hanging on, but you might want to prepare to move on.

  • 5 Salesforce Trainer Hacks for System Admins

    If your team is working with Salesforce Classic, you know that learning the platform is a job best done one day at a time. In this 30-minute webinar, CBT Nuggets trainer Jamie Grettum shows you how to make your end-user training stick with five easy-to-remember hacks.

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Salesforce for End Users - Classic Interface

In this video, Jamie Grettum covers using Salesforce as an end user, in the classic interface. The interface for Salesforce is relatively intuitive, but high stakes means that guessing at core features can lead to costly mistakes. Dispel any doubt you might feel with this walkthrough.

Salesforce Admin - Classic Interface

In this video, Jamie Grettum covers the administration of Salesforce in the Classic Interface. With three updates a year, learning everything there is to know about Salesforce can be a substantial investment of time and energy. Follow along as Jamie teaches the essentials and prepares you for eventual mastery.

5 Salesforce Trainer Hacks for System Admins

In this video, Jamie Grettum covers her top five hacks for delivering training on Salesforce. By its very nature, training is disruptive for users. Jamie's pro tips show the importance of having and following a strategy for implementing new technology. These tips don't apply only to Salesforce, either.

5 Things Salesforce Lightning Does Better

In this video, Jame Grettum covers her top five features of Salesforce Lightning. It's great that Salesforce provides updates to its CRM so often, but keeping up with the release notes can be overwhelming to the point of impossible. Instead, learn which updates can improve productivity the most.

5 Things Salesforce Lightning Does Better: Q&A with Jamie Grettum

In this video, Jamie Grettum covers Salesforce Lightning, and what teams making the transition from Classic should expect. The Salesforce world is transitioning, albeit slowly, from Classic to Lightning, and many questions have come about preparing for that transition. This recorded live webinar covers five of the most common concerns.

Transition to Salesforce Lightning for Business Users

In this video, Jamie Grettum covers making the transition to Salesforce Lightning from the classic business instance. Specifically designed for critical sales and marketing roles, this video introduces Jamie's entire series for moving over to Lightning, which can seem intimidating.

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