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Citrix is a leading virtualization provider renowned for its desktop virtualization technologies, and as an established competitor against VMware. Citrix is also well-known for having products that just work, particularly for companies moving from expensive on-prem infrastructure to inexpensive virtualized environments. But even technology that’s relatively easy to maintain requires training to deploy and troubleshoot.

IT pros tasked with virtualizing IT infrastructures should consider Citrix training. As more organizations migrate to the cloud, virtualization skills are in high demand — making Citrix training videos a smart investment for desktop and application administrators.

Citrix Skill Courses

Job-focused training

CBT Nuggets Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop training includes embedded video quizzes to help Citrix professionals engage in the content and retain information more efficiently. With Citrix training, IT pros can develop the skills needed to fill mid-career desktop administrator and network administrator roles.

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  • How Citrix Has Gained on VMware

    VMware has long held their ground as head honcho when it comes to virtualization products. But Citrix is stepping up — and even reigns supreme in some virtualization specs.

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MicroNugget: How to Install Citrix XenServer

In this video, Jacob Moran covers how to install XenServer. This is one of the hypervisor choices available to support Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) using Citrix Desktop. He’ll also discuss how to install, configure, manage, and administer XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x.

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