AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Online Training

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AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Online Training

In this AWS SysOps Admin training, Anthony Sequeira prepares cloud administrators to take the SOA-C01 exam, which is the one required exam to earn the AWS Certified Sysops Administrator certification.

AWS Certified Sysops Administrator: What You Need to Know

This AWS Certified Sysops Administrator training maps to the AWS AWS Certified Sysops Administrator exam objectives and covers topics including:

Who Should Take AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Training?

This SysOps Admin training is considered admin-level AWS training, which means it was designed for cloud administrators with at least one year of AWS experience. This AWS Certified Sysops Administrator course is designed for cloud administrators with three to five years of experience with cloud infrastructure.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Get Started with AWS SysOps Administrator Associate

Entry 36 mins5 videos

CBT Nuggets AWS Lab Tools

Entry 45 mins6 videos

Plan for AWS Account Management

Entry1 hr 1 min9 videos

Manage Access to AWS Resources

Intermediate1 hr 16 mins9 videos

Work with IAM Security Policies

Entry 33 mins5 videos

Plan for AWS Workload Compute Design

Entry1 hr 1 min6 videos

Plan for EC2 Pricing

Entry 51 mins7 videos

Plan for and Run Amazon EC2 Instances

Entry 38 mins9 videos

Support AWS EC2-Based Workloads

Entry 30 mins7 videos

Secure EC2 Workloads

Entry 30 mins5 videos

Deploying Services on Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Intermediate 48 mins7 videos

Getting Started with AWS Fargate

Intermediate 39 mins5 videos

Understand the AWS Lambda Service

Entry 32 mins6 videos

Plan for VPC Network Traffic

Entry 37 mins7 videos

Plan for Protective Controls at AWS

Entry 30 mins7 videos

Network for a Public Web Server

Entry 34 mins6 videos

Network for Management and Private Traffic

Entry 46 mins8 videos

Plan for Cross-VPC Network Traffic at AWS

Entry 45 mins7 videos

Plan for Transit Gateway Connectivity at AWS

Entry 27 mins5 videos

Network for Hybrid Cloud File System Collaboration

Intermediate 35 mins8 videos

Network for Internet Access with EC2-Based Firewall

Entry 41 mins8 videos

Deploy Juniper vSRX Firewall on AWS

Intermediate1 hr 22 mins12 videos

Filter Traffic with AWS Web Application Firewall

Entry 32 mins5 videos

Plan For Data-In-Transit Security at AWS

Entry 29 mins6 videos

Choose a Datastore at AWS

Entry 56 mins8 videos

Plan for Data Storage Security at AWS

Entry 38 mins8 videos

Plan for Data Encryption at AWS

Entry 44 mins8 videos

Plan for EC2 Storage Security

Entry 33 mins6 videos

Create Encrypted Root Volume AMI

Entry 19 mins5 videos

Create EC2 Encrypted Filesystem

Entry 23 mins5 videos

Deploy AWS Storage Gateway NFS Share

Entry 27 mins5 videos

Manage Recoverability with AWS Backup

Entry1 hr 3 mins7 videos

Plan for Monitoring at AWS

Intermediate1 hr 4 mins9 videos

Monitor with AWS CloudWatch

Intermediate 53 mins8 videos

Configuration and Audit Management

Entry 53 mins8 videos

Plan for Logging at AWS

Intermediate1 hr 6 mins11 videos

Aggregate Log files in Amazon S3

Entry 52 mins9 videos

Visualize Web Server, Network, and Admin log events in AWS

Entry 51 mins9 videos

Plan for Governance Monitoring at AWS

Entry 25 mins4 videos

Work with Cost and Usage Reports

Entry 32 mins5 videos

Automate Cost Management

Entry1 hr 2 mins10 videos

Implement an AWS Service Catalog

Entry 35 mins6 videos

Design for Web-Scale Application Patterns

Entry 35 mins6 videos

Migrate Wordpress to EC2 and RDS

Intermediate1 hr 3 mins8 videos

Design for Dynamic EC2 Workloads

Entry 38 mins7 videos

Design for EC2 Automated Scaling

Intermediate 35 mins7 videos

Automate AWS with PowerShell on Linux, Mac, and Windows

Intermediate1 hr 13 mins9 videos

Plan for Deployment Management

Entry 29 mins5 videos

Manage Systems with AWS Systems Manager

Entry 33 mins6 videos

Manage Resources with AWS CloudFormation

Entry1 hr 10 mins9 videos

Self Service Catalog using AWS CloudFormation

Intermediate1 hr 7 mins8 videos

Nesting CloudFormation Templates

Intermediate 47 mins7 videos

Apply the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Intermediate1 hr 20 mins12 videos

Prepare for the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam

Intermediate2 hrs 4 mins9 videos
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