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Amazon Web Services (AWS) have taken the world by storm since it's official launch in 2006. It started with an innovative use of spare, aging, but capable computing resources. Amazon found a way to virtualize and abstract the hardware that would ultimately be used to drive the software for a business IT resource. By eliminating the need for specific hardware, the entire IT infrastructure has been revolutionized. IT teams no longer have to build servers, worry about redundancy of hardware, or worry about scaling hardware either up or down based on need. What used to take days or weeks to plan, buy, install, and configure, can now be done in seconds. Want a new server? Click, click, click, select the size of processor, RAM, etc. and you have a server. That's where it started.

Now, years after that innovative start, with services and capabilities being added at a breakneck pace, there is very little that can't be virtualized in the AWS cloud. The increase in capability when moving from physical, on premises hardware to an AWS virtualized infrastructure is mind boggling. With virtual private networks and circuits, intrusion protection, virtualized firewalls, and many other protection services, there is little to no security risk with an AWS virtualized IT infrastructure, certainly less risk that a physical on premises IT infrastructure.

The second huge innovation that AWS brought was the ability to pay for your services by the hour, based on resources used. This guarantees that your IT infrastructure will always be utilizing the hardware you "purchase" at a rate of 100%. It used to be that IT would buy more hardware than needed to build in capacity for growth and to account for the time, risk, and expense of adding hardware to an existing system. Typical cost savings from moving from on premises IT infrastructure to AWS virtualized infrastructure can be as high as 90%.

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