The cloud is exciting. AWS certification training should be, too.

Amazon Web Services cloud courses from CBT Nuggets are designed to help you learn AWS, protect your cloud, and earn AWS certifications.

AWS Training for Beginners

One of the best ways to get AWS training is through AWS certification training courses. AWS has a variety of services that can be used to virtually host an entire IT infrastructure in the cloud. Quality AWS certification training courses provide structured environments to learn about Amazon services. These AWS courses are invaluable to IT Pros and can accelerate the time to proficiency dramatically.

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AWS Certification Training for Beginners

AWS certification training is not only for beginners to demonstrate they understand the concepts of using AWS. AWS courses are for learning, training, and coaching, too. Quality AWS certification courses are similar to college courses but focused on specific subjects. They provide structured material that is perfect for education.

AWS Cloud Training for Beginners

As a newcomer to AWS, you can benefit from AWS cloud training. While it’s easy to learn, it takes years to master. Before venturing into the world of AWS, you should understand the IAM security model, AWS’s pricing model, and the basics of provisioning services. A good AWS course can have you up to speed in no time.

AWS Training for Cloud Practitioners

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a way for entry-level IT pros to demonstrate they have proper AWS training and experience. IT pros can prepare for the Cloud Practitioner cert with AWS certification training. Amazon recommends six months of AWS experience before sitting for the exam. An AWS certification training course can give you that experience. For IT pros already working in the industry, these AWS courses can help fill in knowledge gaps.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

AWS Certification Training for Cloud Practitioners

Employers prefer hiring candidates they don’t have to train. An AWS certification can help ease the apprehension of employers before hiring an employee. The best way to prepare for certification is with an AWS certification training course. AWS courses can also fill in knowledge gaps and provide practical, hands-on experience for IT professionals.

AWS Certification Training for Cloud Engineers

Cloud engineers can use AWS certification training to fill knowledge gaps with structured training for AWS products and services. These AWS courses cover how products work and the theory behind making them work. A solid foundation is important for both the learning and career paths of new IT pros.

AWS Certification Training for Solution Architects

Solutions architects are IT problem solvers. So why wouldn’t they leverage AWS for their jobs? By using AWS certification training, solutions architects can learn how to spin up servers in seconds. These AWS courses are invaluable to helping professionals understand how to use AWS products to solve business objectives.

AWS Security Training from CBT Nuggets

Though cybersecurity is a broad topic that encompasses many skills, AWS certification training can make learning those topics easier. This AWS training will walk you through configuring permissions and IAM policies. For many IT pros, these AWS certification training courses are the key to career advancement. Start learning AWS security with these AWS courses.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

AWS Security Certification Training

IAM policies and application policies can be complex. So cybersecurity professionals should take an AWS certification training course to learn how those policies work. While Amazon’s dashboard makes routine operations easy, configuring complex permissions and policies can require writing complicated scripts. A good AWS course will teach IT professionals how to understand and create those policies.

AWS Security Courses for Practitioners

When someone needs an IT resource provisioned, they want it done fast. But it's the job of the practitioner to make sure it’s secure. So security needs to remain a primary concern. Understanding how to secure AWS resources is easy with an AWS course. This AWS certification training will help professionals identify essential security best practices in AWS.

AWS DevOps Training from CBT Nuggets

If you’re in DevOps, you understand how vital automation is. AWS understands that, too, which is why AWS certification training covers automation. AWS certification training courses cover AWS services and how those services can be automated. By using AWS training, DevOps engineers can understand how Amazon products can fit into their toolchains. These AWS courses can help fill in knowledge gaps, too.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

AWS DevOps Certification Training

AWS has a lot of resources that DevOps engineers can use to deploy applications. AWS certification training can explain how to use those resources. These AWS courses cover the tools Amazon offers and how to glue the pieces of an AWS infrastructure together.

AWS DevOps Courses for Practitioners

DevOps has revolutionized the IT world so much that even entry-level IT professionals are using DevOps practices and approaches in their jobs. By using AWS certification training, cloud practitioners can better understand DevOps principles. AWS courses also will explain how to use those principles with AWS products and services.

AWS Developer Training from CBT Nuggets

AWS certification training provides a structured path for aspiring developers to learn how to develop and maintain AWS-based applications. But there’s also AWS training for developers who want to learn popular services like BeanStalk, CloudWatch, and Lambda. If you’re a new AWS developer, consider taking an AWS certification training course. If you’re a seasoned pro, you can pick and choose the AWS course that’ll suit your development needs best.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

AWS Developer Certification Training

While this AWS certification training covers the core AWS services and how to use them, the main purpose of this training is to teach you how to deploy cloud-based apps. AWS has tools developers use daily — and these AWS courses will explain all of them.

AWS Developer Courses for Practitioners

AWS boasts more services than any other cloud provider. While having a large selection of services is beneficial for developers, it also means there’s a lot to learn. Unlike AWS certification training, which covers a broad set of products and services, these AWS courses focus more on individual products and services.

Who Else Should Learn AWS?

AWS certification training courses aren’t just built for developers, DevOps engineers, and cybersecurity professionals. Because of Amazon’s reach, AWS training can play a part in every IT professional’s training plan. AWS certification training courses can help anyone who uses cloud products and services. AWS courses can also help anyone who wants to start using cloud technologies.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

AWS Cloud Training for Database Administrators

AWS has proven itself to be a top-tier database host. Many businesses are moving their databases to the cloud, which means DBAs can get back to managing their databases and not the hardware that powers them. AWS certification training will explain the difference between running databases on-prem vs. in the cloud. These AWS courses also will cover all that Amazon offers for its database products.

AWS Cloud Training for Help Desk Technicians

The help desk is the starting place for most in the IT industry. But the help desk can require vast knowledge of technologies. While some techs change passwords and install applications, others manage Office 365 accounts and provision EC2 servers. The IT environment is now primarily in the cloud. So help desk techs should take the appropriate AWS courses as soon as possible.

AWS Cloud Training for Network Engineers

Network engineers have the exciting job of linking on-premises data networks with cloud networks. While AWS certification training will cover a variety of networking topics, these AWS courses primarily focus on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

AWS Cloud Training for Data Scientists

AWS has tools that data scientists routinely use to make sense of datasets and turn them into usable information. AWS certification training courses can teach data scientists how to use these tools. In addition, various AWS courses will cover using databases in the cloud and machine learning services.

All AWS Cloud Training from CBT Nuggets

AWS training from CBT Nuggets is divided into AWS cloud courses and skills. Skill courses will cover real-world AWS problems and how to solve them. AWS courses are typically associated with an AWS certification. Here’s all the AWS training from CBT Nuggets.

Here are the cybersecurity certifications that will get you into common security career paths.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

AWS Certification Training from CBT Nuggets

These AWS certification courses are listed in order from entry-level to advanced. AWS has no exam prerequisites, so you can take them in any order you’d like.

AWS Skills Training from CBT Nuggets

AWS skills are best learned through hands-on experience, so follow along in your Free Tier environment — or beyond — with these AWS training courses.

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