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Linux Professional Institute LPIC-2 (201-450 & 202-450) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is LPIC-2 worth it?

Yes, the LPIC-2 is worth it for most systems administrators – especially any who need to demonstrate their familiarity with administering small to medium-sized mixed networks. The Linux Professional Institute series of certifications is a well-trod career path for Linux administrators. Earning the LPIC-2 is a sort of coming-of-age for IT professionals who want to focus their skills and expertise in Linux.

How much does the Linux Professional Institute LPIC-2 cost?

The Linux Professional Institute LPIC-2 costs $400 in total. That's because the LPIC-2 certification has two exams, 201-450 and 202-450 and both cost $200. The price of a Linux certification exam depends on the skill level associated with it. Assuming you pass both 201-450 and 202-450 on your first attempt, it costs $400 to earn the LPIC-2.

Are the LPIC-2 exams (201-450 & 202-450) difficult?

Yes, the LPIC-2 exams are difficult exams. There are Linux administrators who call the LPIC-2 the most challenging certifying exams they've ever taken. The reason for its difficulty is because the LPIC-2 cert is a bridge between single-system Linux administration and management to administration of entire networks. The LPIC-2 tests challenge your familiarity with the interconnected systems and dependencies necessary to administer whole networks.

Does LPIC-2 expire?

Yes, the LPIC-2 does expire: it remains valid for only 5 years after you've earned it. The LPIC-2 is automatically renewed when you earn a higher certification in Linux Professional Institute's certification track. Other than earning a higher certification, there are currently no continuing education or alternative methods of renewing the LPIC-2 before it expires after 5 years.

How to study for Linux Professional Institute LPIC-2?

Because it requires advanced skills in Linux system administration across an entire network, the LPIC-2 is a difficult exam and a major milestone in an administrator's career. The best way to study for the LPIC-2 is with a course that teaches the theory and topics of system and network administration while giving you opportunities to practice the real-world skills of managing those networks and devices.
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