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Even people who spend a lot of time with Google products might pause when they see the name "Google Workspace". What exactly is Google Workspace and how is it different from G Suite or Google Apps? The short answer is nothing. In October 2020, Google rebranded their suite of productivity software apps as Google Workspace. Functionally, very little changed about the productivity applications with the rebrand, although Google does plan to add even more interoperability between the different applications than is already possible.

Google has software-as-a-service offerings for email, chat, video conferencing, scheduling, data storage, word processing, spreadsheets, form generation, and more. The productivity suite isn't just useful, it's also priced right for companies from as small as one-person teams to global enterprises. This Google Workspace training illustrates how to make full use of all of Google's productivity apps — there are nearly a dozen of them, and each comes with a wide range of capabilities and functionality.

Google Workspace Skill Courses

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Who uses Google Workspace?

There are small teams of a handful of employees who use Google Drive to keep track of their dozens of clients and there are global enterprises who use Gmail and Google Calendar to schedule and plan every minute of their day. It doesn't matter the size of your endeavor or your need, the whole point of Google Workspace is how well it scales up and down at need. An important part of any online course on Google Workspace is covering how to scale the suite to meet the needs of your particular organization's size.

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