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Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate (MD-102) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the Endpoint Administrator Associate Microsoft certification worth it?

The Endpoint Administrator Associate certification is a specialized credential – that means that it won't be worth it for everyone, but for certain IT professionals it's extremely valuable to have. An endpoint is any computing or user device that communicates with a network, and the Microsoft 365 certifications tend to be focused on cloud-centric IT solutions and security. That means if you're an administrator for devices that connect to a Microsoft-powered cloud, the Endpoint Administrator Associate is definitely worth it.

How difficult is the MD-102 Endpoint Administrator Associate exam?

Although the certifying exam for the Endpoint Administrator Associate Microsoft cert isn't especially difficult, it is filled with Microsoft-specific vocabulary and concepts that even highly experienced systems administrators may not be familiar with. Microsoft wants to make sure the administrators it's certifying are familiar with official best practices, so the MD-102 tends to be difficult for people who never took the time to learn Microsoft's "by the book" methods and practices.

How much does the Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate cost?

It costs $165 to attempt the certifying exam for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate. MD-102 is the only certifying exam you need to earn the credential, and it costs $165 to register. Once you've earned it, the Endpoint Administrator Associate is good for one year from the date you pass the test. After that, you can renew the certification by passing a free certification renewal exam.

What are the differences between MD-100, MD-101 and MD-102?

On September 30, 2023, Microsoft retired MD-100 and MD-101. From October 2023 on, MD-102 is the only valid certifying exam to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate. The differences between the original exams MD-100 and MD-101, and the current exam MD-102 are mostly reflective of Microsoft's entire shift away from traditional networking solutions and an emphasis on managing and securing cloud-centric, large networks.

Who should take this MD-102 endpoint administrator course?

IT administrators who manage desktops, laptops, and mobile devices in a Microsoft 365 environment should seriously consider earning the Endpoint Administrator Associate. Students or brand new IT professionals who want to carve a niche for themselves in the career field should think about earning it to get their foot in the door. Security administrators might also want to earn it to learn about security policies and configurations in a Microsoft 365 setup.
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